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Manage direct debit templates

Templates are a convenient way to create direct debits. Once you save a template you can use it to populate your direct debits without the need to add the details for each payment individually.

Frequently asked questions

Use our faqs to find out more about managing direct debit templates.

If you need to take regular payments from the same clients you can save it as a template.

  • Templates help you to easily create your multiple payments/transfers.
  • Once you have a template saved you can select it to populate your direct debit transactions without the need to add the details for each client individually.
  • You can easily add, edit, delete, copy or rename a template.

The direct debit template allows you to receive payments from up to 99 accounts of your clients or debtors.

  • The payments are transferred to your selected business account with one credit.

The "Direct debit - template list" page provides the list of direct debits templates that have already been created. The list includes the following details about each template:

  • Template type: displays "Direct debit" for direct debit templates.
  • Template name: displays the name given to the template at the time of creation.
  • No. of debits: displays the number of debits/items in the saved template.
  • Value: displays the total amount of the payments in the saved template.
  • Last used: displays the date the template was last used to create a direct debit.