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Manage your card online

See our simple instructions to order a replacement debit or credit card. We can show you how to pay or change your ANZ credit card. You can also add a trusted friend, partner or family member as an additional cardholder. 


Order a replacement debit or credit card

How to order a replacement card in Internet Banking

To order a replacement card:

  1. Log in to Internet Banking 
  2. Select your credit card
  3. Choose Order a replacement card from the account actions list.
  4. Follow the prompts.

You should receive your card in the post within 5-7 working days.

It’s really important to make sure that your address is up to date as ANZ will send the card to the most recent address you have provided us. If your address has changed recently, you should update it right now.

Update your details

Card expired or expiring?

A replacement for your expiring card will automatically be sent to your mailing address (unless you’ve requested otherwise) and should arrive by the third week of the expiring month.

If you don’t receive your card seven days before the end of the month, please contact us.

Activate your card

You can activate eligible ANZ cards in the ANZ App and ANZ Internet Banking. You can set the PIN for your new card in the app too. We can show you how.

Online payment options

Transfer and one-off payments

Make a one-off payment or transfer from an ANZ linked account in ANZ Internet Banking or the ANZ App. Use BPaydisclaimer if paying from a non-ANZ account. 

Minimum monthly payments

Your minimum monthly payment is the minimum amount you must pay to your credit card every month. Refer to your account statement.

Set monthly payments

Specify a set amount each month. If the set amount is lower, we will debit your minimum monthly payment, listed on your statement, to help you avoid any late fees. 

Full closing balance

Clear the balance on your credit card each month. The closing balance amount includes any overdue/over limit amount owing as well as the current balance owing on the account.

Pay your ANZ credit card

How to transfer to your credit card in the ANZ App

To transfer to your ANZ Credit Card: 

  1. Log in to the ANZ App
  2. Choose Transfer from you accounts screen
  3. Follow the prompts to transfer money to your ANZ Credit Card account

You can only transfer money as a one-off payment in the ANZ App. To make a recurring or future payment to your card, please refer to the Internet Banking instructions next.

How to pay your credit card in Internet Banking

To pay your ANZ Credit Card:

  1. Log in to Internet Banking 
  2. Go to Payments or open your credit card account
  3. Select Pay ANZ Credit Card
  4. Follow the prompts.

To transfer to your ANZ Credit Card:

  1. Go to Payments
  2. Select Transfer between my accounts
  3. Follow the prompts.

You can make a one off payment or transfer, recurring or future payments.

Please note that this "Pay credit card" function is not the same as CardPay Direct, and different rules applydisclaimer.

Find out more about CardPay Direct

Change your credit card limit or type

How to change your credit card limit in Internet Banking

To change your credit card limit:

  1. Log in to Internet Banking 
  2. Select your credit card account
  3. Select Increase your credit limit or Decrease your credit limit (as appropriate) from the account actions
  4. Follow the prompts.

To increase or decrease your credit limit you must be the primary credit card holder. All credit card limit increases are subject to our lending criteriadisclaimer

Alternative ways to change your credit card limit

How to change your credit card typedisclaimer in Internet Banking

Not sure what type of card you need?  Explore ANZ credit cards

To change your ANZ Credit Card typedisclaimer:

  1. Log in to Internet Banking 
  2. Select your credit card account
  3. Select Change your Credit Card Typedisclaimer from the account actions
  4. Follow the prompts.

Only the primary cardholder can request to change their credit card type.

Check out your reward points summary 

How to view your reward points summary in Internet Banking

  1. Log in to Internet Banking 
  2. Select your card account
  3. Then select Reward points. Your reward points summary will display.

To check your reward point balance visit the ANZ Rewards website. For enquiries about the points earned on your ANZ Rewards card, contact the ANZ Rewards Centre on 1300 367 763, 9am to 5pm (AEST/AEDT), Monday to Friday.

Add an additional cardholder

If you'd like to allow a close friend or family member to make purchases on your ANZ Credit Card account, in some circumstances they can be issued with a card of their own. ANZ refers to such a person as an "additional cardholder".

The "Add an additional cardholder" function makes adding an additional cardholder to your ANZ Credit Card easy. All you need to do is complete the cardholder's details and accept a declaration of your responsibilities as the primary cardholder.

Note: Although additional cardholders can charge their purchases to your ANZ Credit Card account, you are still responsible for meeting the repayment obligations.

How to add an additional cardholder in Internet Banking

To add an additional cardholder:

  1. Log in to Internet Banking 
  2. Select your credit card account
  3. Select Add an additional cardholder from the account actions
  4. Follow the prompts.

Note that only the primary credit cardholder can submit a request for an additional credit cardholder.

Alternative ways to add an additional cardholder

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If your ANZ Credit Card that you wish to pay is not displayed, you may perform one of the following three options:

  • please contact the ANZ Internet Banking Helpdesk to link your ANZ Credit Card to your ANZ Internet Banking. This will be done immediately
  • you may also send us a SecureMail requesting to link your ANZ Credit Card. This may take up to 48 hours to be processed
  • You may also visit your nearest ANZ branch to link your ANZ Credit Card to your ANZ Internet Banking. This will also be processed immediately.

If both your credit card accounts appear with the same name and it is difficult to differentiate between the two, you may use the "Personalise accounts" function to give them different names.

Replacement card

Yes. You will be able to use the current card up until the new card is activated.

Your existing card will become inactive once you activate your new card(s).

If your card is lost or stolen, please let us know straight away. You can even block a misplaced card using the ANZ App and unblock it in seconds when it’s safely back in your possession. We can show you how.

How to report a lost or stolen card

Yes. If you are an additional cardholder, you can request a replacement card in ANZ Internet Banking using the steps above. Alternatively, you can contact us to arrange a replacement card over the phone. 

Yes, unless your card(s) have been reported as lost or stolen. 

Your PIN(s) will remain unchanged unless a new PIN has been requested or you have changed your PIN using the ANZ App.

Paying your card

Yes, you can make payments to an ANZ Credit Card from a non-ANZ account using one of these methods below:

  • You can use CardPay Direct - learn more
  • You can also use your other financial institution's BPAY® function to pay your ANZ Credit Card. You can find the BPAY® for your credit card on your statement. 

The credit limit is the amount you have been approved to spend on your credit card.

  • From time to time there may be a debit made to your credit card account, which, if processed, would temporarily result in the outstanding balance exceeding your credit limit.
  • ANZ has an informal overlimit facility to help you in these circumstances.
  • Please note an overlimit fee will be charged in these circumstances.
  • You can ask ANZ to decline certain transactions so that you don't exceed your credit limit. 
  • Please refer to the ANZ Credit Cards Conditions of Use for further information.

No. At least the minimum monthly payment needs to be paid each month to your credit card account.

If you don't pay anything in a month, you will incur a late payment fee.

Even if you make a payment before you receive your statement, you may still be required to pay a further minimum amount by the due date on your statement.

With "Pay ANZ Credit Card", the credit card payments will be made on the due date. You can find the due date listed on your account statement.

Yes. If you have set up an automatic payment via the "Pay ANZ Credit Card", these payments will be made irrespective of whether you make other payments to your credit card account.

  • If you have already made a manual payment to your ANZ Credit Card, we recommend you skip the automatic payment via the "Future Payment/Transfers" under the "Pay and transfer" menu.
  • Payments must be skipped prior to 12.00am (midnight AEST) on the day prior to payment due date.
  • Any payments made after the date your statement was issued, or in addition to the amount specified on your statement, will not be taken into account when using this payment option.

When you request any automatic payment or regular payment via ANZ Internet Banking, please remember that cleared funds must be available in your account by 12.00am (midnight AEST) on the day before the scheduled payment date. Otherwise your payment will be unsuccessful.

Reward points

Your Qantas Frequent Flyer points are credited to your Qantas Frequent Flyer account within two business days of the date that your ANZ Credit Card statement is sent to you each month.

To see what you can redeem your Reward Points for and your Reward Point balance, take a look at the ANZ Rewards website, or you can call the ANZ Rewards Centre on 1300 367 763 Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm (AEST/AEDT).

Credit card limit or type

No. You must be a primary credit card holder to request a credit card type change.

Note: If the primary cardholder changes their credit card type, as the additional cardholder, you’ll also be transferred to the new credit card account.

No. To request a change to your credit card account limit, you must be a primary credit card holder.

This helps us determine that you can meet the repayment obligations for the new limit without substantial hardship. The assessment of your application is subject to having the required available monthly income.

Additional cardholder

It will take up to 10 business days from approval for you to receive your additional credit card.

No. Additional cardholders cannot share your customer registration number (CRN). They can access the credit card account through their own CRN by getting the additional card issued to them linked to their ANZ Internet Banking.

No. Each additional cardholder will be issued with their own PIN. Under no circumstances should you share your PIN with anyone.

Yes, however they will need to visit a branch so the additional cardholder can complete the ANZ Customer Identification Process.

Note that additional cardholders must be at least 16 years of age.

Yes. All transactions posted to the account will also be visible to any additional cardholder of the account via ANZ Internet Banking.

The ANZ App is provided by Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited (ANZ) ABN 11 005 357 522. Super, Shares and Insurance (if available) are not provided by ANZ but entities which are not banks. ANZ does not guarantee them. This information is general in nature only and does not take into account your personal objectives, financial situation or needs. ANZ recommends that you read the ANZ App Labels and Conditions available here for iOS (PDF 381kB) and here for Android (PDF 340kB) and consider if this service is appropriate to you prior to making a decision to acquire or use the ANZ App.

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