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Security hub

Welcome to ANZ’s security hub. We’re here to look after you and your money - helping you to protect what matters.

Using security features like ANZ Falcon® and behavioural biometrics , which are personal to the way you bank, we learn the difference between you and fraud, to help keep your banking safe.

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How we protect you

With evolving fraud detection technology, biometrics monitoring in our banking apps and Internet Banking, plus a team of specialists to help you 24/7, we offer security you can bank on.

ANZ Falcon® technology

Our anti-fraud technology, ANZ Falcon®, analyses your banking behaviour to recognise, flag and identify suspicious transactions.

So if we detect unusual activity on your card or account, from uncharacteristic money transfers to unfamiliar log in locations or devices, ANZ Falcon® can detect and help put a stop to it.

We may temporarily block your card or prevent you from logging in to your banking apps or Internet Banking. But don’t worry, if you verify the activity as genuine, we’ll remove the block quickly.

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Behavioural biometrics

Sophisticated technology that learns how you use Internet Banking and our banking apps, to look for signs that it might not be you using your account.

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24-hour immediate support

Our Customer Protection Team is available 24/7, so you can call them whenever something doesn’t feel quite feel right.

Call us to report fraud or scams

ANZ Fraud Money Back Guarantee

We reimburse you for fraudulent transactions on any of your ANZ cards, as long as you comply with the product T&Cs, tell us promptly and didn’t contribute to the loss.

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Multi-factor authorisation

Verify transactions with an SMS one-time passcodeVoice ID or ANZ Shield. For ANZ Plus accounts, two-step security is via the ANZ Plus app, using your Access PIN or biometrics like Selfie ID.

More ways we protect you and your money

ANZ Plus security

Join ANZ Plus, our latest digital way to bank, and get extra layers of security like Selfie ID and a dynamic CVV, to help protect you from fraud.  Learn more 

Bank account security

Log in to the ANZ App safely using biometric security or your PIN. You can also verify banking activity via SMS one-time passcodes or emails. Learn more 

Credit card security

You’re protected anywhere, anytime with ANZ Falcon® fraud protection technology. You can also cancel, replace or temporarily block your card if you need. Learn more 


How to protect yourself

Create strong, unique passwords

Use a mixture of lower and upper case letters and numbers. Consider using long and memorable passphrases - make them unique to each account.
A password manager can help you stay on top of this.


Set up account security features

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a way to verify that you’re really the person you claim to be when you log in to your online accounts.   


Don’t click on links in emails or SMS messages

Be cautious of links in messages, particularly from senders you don’t know. By clicking, you may download malicious software to your device, stopping it from working.

Be wary of unexpected calls or messages

Don’t rely on the contact details or the website address provided in a call, email or SMS. Use trusted sources to check if messages are genuine.


Set up safe and secure transactions with PayID®

When you pay someone using PayID, you can see their name before finalising the payment. This makes it easier to check whether you're paying the right person. Remember, PayID is a secure way to pay, but be alert to common PayID scams.

Make purchases securely with a digital wallet

Choose a secure way to pay by adding a digital wallet to your phone, smartwatch or fitness tracker. It’s easy to set up and use, convenient and packed with security features.


Common questions

Criminals are becoming more sophisticated and are using technology in creative ways to get access to information and funds. That’s why cyber security (protecting things like your computer, phone and personal information) is so important.  

 Cyber incidents can include the use of malicious software (e.g. malware and viruses) enabled by people or through exploiting vulnerabilities on websites or online services. Cyber incidents can also include malicious attacks on organisations. Typically, these incidents are used to get access to sensitive information, ultimately for financial gain, or to make a political statement.

 Explore the steps you can take to protect yourself or your organisation from cyber incidents.

Scams can be complex and present in multiple ways. For example, impersonation scams typically involve convincing individuals they’re interacting with a trusted person or organisation (like your bank, tax office or investment company).

In order to steal your money, the criminal may convince you to share sensitive information (e.g. your banking details) or authorise a payment from your account. This fake relationship can be built over a number of months over the phone, SMS messages, email or social media.

Learn more about common types of scams

Fraud can take many forms and can occur without your knowledge. An example of credit card fraud is when credit card details are stolen using a specialised device, during a legitimate transaction. You may first become aware there’s an issue when you’re notified by your bank or when you view your transaction history.

 Find out how we protect our customers using our fraud detection technology, ANZ Falcon®.

Reporting a scam is an important step to help stop it. Plus it can prevent countless others falling victim too. Report a scam to Scamwatch.

If you have shared financial information or transferred money to a scammer - or if you suspect fraud on your account - please contact us immediately.

Learn how to spot a scam

Phishing is a technique used by criminals to gain access to systems or sensitive personal or financial information, like bank account details, by impersonating an individual or business you may recognise and trust. Phishing is often done through legitimate-looking websites, emails and SMS messages, which are actually fake.  

If ANZ Falcon® identifies an unusual transaction on your debit or credit card, we may decline the transaction and/or block your card.

Please contact us straightaway. Our Customer Protection Team is available 24/7 to help you.  

Note: We'll usually send you a two-way SMS in real time to verify whether the transaction’s genuine. Please reply to this SMS (we won't ask you for personal information or to click on any links).

 If you genuinely made the transaction, your card will be unblocked within 15 minutes. If you didn't authorise the transaction, our Customer Protection Team will call you to discuss next steps.

See instructions for ANZ Plus accounts

Please contact us straightaway if you’re locked out of the ANZ App or Internet Banking. Our Customer Protection Team is available 24/7 to help you.  

See instructions for ANZ Plus accounts

If you’re unable to log in to the ANZ Plus app, please follow the instructions you see on-screen when you open the app. 

For other issues, please follow the instructions in the links below: 

Dispute a transaction in the ANZ Plus app

Report a lost phone or ANZ Plus Visa debit card

It can be hard to spot scams and fraudulent activity. In a genuine ANZ call, SMS message or email, we will never ask you to:

  • share sensitive banking details (like passwords, PINs, ANZ Shield codes, token codes. or one-time passcodes (for payment) in an email or SMS)
  • click a link to log in to your account
  • grant remote access to your computer, phone, tablet (or any other mobile device)
  • transfer money to another account

Learn about types of scams and the latest security alerts.

If you’re an ANZ business customer, find out more about business protection.

If you’re an institutional customer, learn about security measures for you and your company.

This information seeks to raise awareness and provides general information only. It may be necessary or appropriate  to ensure that measures are taken in addition to, or in substitution for, the measures presented having regard to your particular personal or business circumstances.

Falcon® is a registered trademark of Fair Isaac Corporation.