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Security hub

At ANZ, we put our customers first. That's why we work 24/7 to keep your banking details secure. Learn more about safeguarding your data and the steps we take to protect you and your money. 

The Australian Banking Association (ABA) encourages Australians to "hear the alarm bells" to help avoid scams. 

See latest security alerts View common scams

Four steps to protect your virtual valuables

Pause before sharing your personal information

Ask yourself, do I really need to give my information to this site or this person?

Activate two layers of security

Use two-factor authentication for an extra layer of security to keep your personal information safe.

Call out suspicious messages

Be aware of current scams. If an email, call or SMS seems unusual, check it through official contact points or report it.

Turn on automatic software updates

Set your software, operating system and apps to auto update to make sure you get the latest security features.

Bank account protection

Want to know how to keep your account and personal information safe? Learn about bank security, the processes we have in place, and what you can do to stay safe and secure. 

Business protection

We take the security of your business seriously. Protect your company, staff and customers with our business fraud prevention tips and our range of security services.

Fraud detection

Spot the signs of fraud and understand how to protect yourself. We'll arm you with what you should know about common types of fraud, scams and computer threats.

Report fraud

Find out how to report a suspicious message or that your personal details or banking information's been compromised.

Looking for security information about your ANZ corporate digital services?

At ANZ, we work around the clock to safeguard your ANZ corporate accounts and information when you use our digital services.

Helping you to protect your accounts and your business against online fraud is important. Learn more about: 

  • How ANZ protects you online
  • What security controls your company can put in place
  • How to protect and manage your own online security   
  • Cybersecurity resources you can access

Learn more

Protect yourself online

In our increasingly interconnected world, these guides may help you protect yourself, your business, or your company against cyber threats.

In addition, the Australian Cyber Security Centre have launched translated cyber security information for further support.

ANZ Privacy Centre

Find out how we manage and protect your personal information, particularly when providing a product or service to you.

Visit our ANZ Privacy Centre

Working from home securely

Changing the way we work and communicate brings new opportunities and challenges. We’re working from home more than ever, and organisations must ensure their staff are sharing and transmitting information safely and securely.

Learn about working from home securely

Contact us

Report a lost or stolen card 

Log in to the ANZ App to report your card as lost or stolen, or temporarily block your card.

Find out how

Learn more about our ANZ Fraud Money Back Guarantee.

Received a suspicious communication claiming to be from ANZ?

Please forward communication as an attachment to and delete it immediately.

Do not click on any links or download any attachments. Learn more about reporting suspicious activity.

Send us an email

Report fraudulent or unusual activity

Calling us via the ANZ App is a quick way to report fraudulent or unusual activity.

Log in to the ANZ App, tap Support, select the type of support, then tap Reporting Fraud or Identity Theft.  

If you're unable to access the ANZ App, call us - we'll be with you as soon as possible.

Personal banking customers:
13 33 50  +61 3 9683 8833

Business customers using ANZ Transactive:
13 70 28  +61 3 8693 7153

ANZ Personal Cards
13 22 73  +61 3 9683 9999

Dispute a transaction

If you believe a transaction has been made in error, but there has been no fraudulent activity, lodge a transaction dispute via the ANZ App or ANZ Internet Banking.

Find out how

If you are a business customer using ANZ Transactive, certain requests, including Trace of Payments and Transactions, Payment investigations and to manage Direct Debit Transactions, may be raised via the Service Requests function on ANZ Transactive.

Refer to ANZ Digital Services Help for further information or call:

Australia13 31 99 (Weekdays, 6am - midnight, Sydney/Melbourne time)

New Zealand0800 800 760 (Weekdays, 7.30am - 2am, NZT)

International+61 3 9601 1200 (Weekdays, 6am - midnight, Sydney/Melbourne time)

Disclose a security vulnerability

At ANZ, we take the security of our systems and customer data seriously. The responsible disclosure of vulnerabilities helps ensure the security and privacy of ANZ and our customers.

If you think you've found a security vulnerability, report it via Bugcrowd, who manage our Responsible Disclosure Program.

All disclosures must be made through Bugcrowd, not directly to ANZ.

We don't condone malicious or illegal behaviour in identifying and reporting security vulnerabilities.

For more information, including the terms of the disclosure program visit the Bugcrowd website.

This information seeks to raise awareness and provides general information only. It may be necessary or appropriate  to ensure that measures are taken in addition to, or in substitution for, the measures presented having regard to your particular personal or business circumstances.