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What is financial wellbeing?

Financial wellbeing is how well you can cover everyday expenses with enough left over to save and manage any surprises.

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Why is financial wellbeing important? 

Having enough money to meet your needs now and in the future is what financial wellbeing is all about.

It's important because what you buy, how much you spend and whether you can save impacts your quality of life day-to-day. 

Being on top of your finances gives you the power to break free from debt, treat yourself to something special and look forward to a future where your savings offer a protective umbrella on rainy days.


What is good financial wellbeing?

Financial wellbeing is about checking your spending habits, budgeting in a way you can stick to and paying off debts in bite-sized chunks (or rolling them into one).

If you can save a bit of money each paycheck (including some for emergencies), add to your super and invest wisely, then you're on the right track. 

Follow these six simple steps to get started:

1. Get your score to see what you should work on

2. Track your expenses and build a budget 

3. Make a plan to tackle your debt 

4. Set a savings goal to bring your dreams to life 

5. Organise your accounts and earn interest 

6. Invest in your future and plan for retirement 

Tips and guides to get you started

Improve your financial wellbeing with our suite of tips and guides. Here you'll find insights-driven articles on saving smarter and spending carefully, plus snack-sized videos with easily digestible content. Learn how to turn a side hustle into passive income, explore investing for beginners and manage debt.

We also share expense trackers, budget worksheets and savings calculators, as well as 'LifeGuides', our detailed downloadable guides on all of life's moments, from buying a home or having a baby, to managing redundancy or coping with separation. 

Articles, guides and videos

Articles to improve your financial wellbeing

Real stories, how-to guides, and money hacks for all Financial Wellbeings.

Guides for life's big moments

From getting married to starting a business, our LifeGuides will help you prepare for the good (and not so good) times.

Videos to upskill your money management

Simply press 'play' to learn new money skills.


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Who are 'Financial Wellbeings'? 

If organised finances and smart money choices make you feel alive, then you’re a Financial Wellbeing.

It's about doing things, big or small, that positively impact your money mindset. So whether you're 18 or 80, financial wellbeing is about making the most of what you have.

Start making savvy money decisions, from ditching takeaways to putting away extra into super, and see what a difference it can make. There's a Financial Wellbeing in all of us. Let us help you become one.

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Where does financial wellbeing come from?

Since 2003, ANZ has carried out research to help Australians understand their financial literacy and transform attitudes and behaviours towards managing money.

Our financial wellbeing initiative is informed by the results of this research, as well as that of domestic and international industry thought leaders, including Professor Elaine Kempson from the Personal Finance Research Centre (PFRC) at the University of Bristol.

Read more about ANZ's financial wellbeing research.


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