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CardPay Direct

Do you sometimes forget to pay your credit card bill? Let CardPay Direct take care of it with automatic credit card payments each month. Just set and you'll never forget.

Never forget a credit card payment

How much you pay each month is up to you. Simply select how you'd like to manage repayments and CardPay Direct will help to keep your account in order.

You can choose to pay

  • The minimum monthly amount
  • A set monthly amount
  • The full closing balance

It's free and easy to manage

  • A completely free service
  • Change the payment amount anytime
  • Cancel a payment with four days’ notice
  • Available for personal and business cards

Here's how it works

All you need is an account

To get started, you'll need an account with ANZ or another Australian bank or financial institution.disclaimer

Payments will be drawn from your selected account on your repayment due date, and you can make additional payments whenever you like.disclaimer

If you've made a repayment or added credit to your account before your payment's due, CardPay Direct will make allowances for the credit and continue with your selected payment choice. 

Flexible payment options

Paying the minimum amount?

CardPay Direct will debit your selected account for the least amount required to pay the minimum monthly amount.

Paying a set amount above the minimum monthly payment?

CardPay Direct will debit your selected account for the full set amount.

Paying the full closing balance?

CardPay Direct will debit your selected account for the least amount required to pay your ANZ credit card balance in full.

What to do if your account's overdue

Your ANZ credit card statement might request an immediate payment if there’s an amount listed as overdue or overlimit.

In that case, we’ll increase your minimum monthly payment or set monthly amount to ensure the amount’s covered in your next repayment.

Download the CardPay Direct Form (PDF) to learn more.

To apply for CardPay Direct, download, read and complete this form and return your completed form to ANZ:

By mail to

Reply Paid 2076
ANZ Cards New Business
Locked Bag 10
Collins St West Post Office
Melbourne VIC 8007

If you'd like further information on CardPay Direct, please call us on 13 22 73.

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Direct debiting is not available on all accounts. If in doubt, please refer to your bank or financial institution.


You must ensure your nominated account has sufficient cleared funds in it so that the CardPay Direct payment can be made. 


Temporary service disruption may occur.