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Accessible banking

We’re on a mission to make ANZ products and services more accessible and inclusive. That’s why we’re removing barriers to banking online, on the phone, in branch, and at ATMs.


branch smart atm

We’re here to help when you’re in a branch

Many ANZ branch entrances have handrails, ramps and automated doors, and we’ve updated floor plans in many branches to make it easier for you to move around. There’s braille signage and wider doorways in office areas so that you can navigate more easily. If you’re sensitive to sound, you may notice that we’ve added acoustic treatment in many branches to reduce noise around teller areas. Our branches have accessible parking where available. Please call us and ask to be connected to your local branch to discuss any accessibility requirements.

Our staff in branch are trained to help you bank quickly and easily. They can book Auslan interpreters for longer appointments so that you get support in a way that works for you. They can also guide you on ways a support person or carer can help with your banking, while keeping your accounts safe.

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Communication that’s inclusive and understanding

  • You’re not alone if English isn’t your first language. We have a network of people who are ready to help when you ask us for an interpreter.
  • Everyday banking documents can be accessed using screen reading software.
  • You can call us using the National Relay Service. We’re trained to support you and are here to help with your banking.

Find out more about National Relay Service


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Change starts with a shift – Shift 20 Initiative

We’re proud to partner with the Shift 20 Initiative. A powerful movement to increase representation of people with disability in advertising.

Australians with disability make up almost 20% of the population. That’s 1 in 5 Australians.  Yet in advertising, they are only represented 1% of the time.

At ANZ, we know it’s important for people with disability to be seen like everyone else (although we recognise that not all disabilities are visible). You cannot be what you cannot see.

It’s important for us to champion disability visibility in all aspects of our advertising, as one of Australia’s leading organisations, we can set an example.

It’s a simple yet powerful change.

We are continually committed to making products, services, workplace and culture welcoming and supportive of all people. We understand that disability is relevant to every aspect of our business – customers, employees, markets, communities, suppliers, and key stakeholders.

Find out more at

See how we support our staff at ANZ Accessibility and inclusion.


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Our cards are designed to be more easily used

A difference you can feel

  • Many of our cards now come with tactile features to help you identify them. We’ve made the size of details like your name and card number much bigger.
  • We’ve also added high-visibility edges and notches to many cards to help you insert your card the right way. That’s handy!

Skip the Card PIN with ‘Sign Only’

  • If you find it difficult to use a PIN when making purchases in person, a ‘Sign only’ card is available on request.
  • Note that a ‘Sign only’ card can’t be used at an ATM and may not be able to be used overseas if a signature is not available.

Tap and go with contactless payments

More about contactless payments


Use your compatible phone or wearable to make paymentsdisclaimer

Use your phone to tap and pay – it's easy and secure. Add your eligible ANZ credit or debit card on a digital wallet compatible with iOS, Android™ or wearable devices.

  • It’s as safe and secure as using your ANZ Visa card. Your card details are never shared with the merchant or stored on your device.
  • Pay with your compatible phone or wearable device wherever you can make contactless payments.

No wallet at the ATM? No problem

You can use your digital wallet with an eligible ANZ Visa card to access any Australian ANZ ATMdisclaimer.

  • Use your digital wallet at an ANZ ATM to get cash out or make transfers between your accountsdisclaimer.
  • You can also change your card PIN using an ANZ ATM and your digital wallet. That’s handy.

Banking tools that work for you

Stop by an ANZ Smart ATM

ANZ Smart ATMs can help you deposit cashdisclaimer or cheques, transfer between linked accounts and more. They’re designed to be inclusive from the ground up – with most being wheelchair accessible.

The number 5 on each PIN pad has a raised dot to mark the centre to make it easier to orientate. We’ve added Braille labelling for important areas, and you can plug in your headphones to navigate through the screens using assisted audio voiceover. Support is available in multiple languages.

More about smart ATMs

The ANZ App helps you bank on the move

The ANZ Appdisclaimer is built with everyone in mind. If you’re using an iPhone or iPad, you can use your phone to increase or decrease the font size using Dynamic Type. You can use the accessibility settings on your phone to change screen contrast.

You can also navigate the app and read your statements with VoiceOver or TalkBack.

Get the ANZ App

Tick it off your list with ANZ Internet Banking

Use ANZ Internet Banking on your computer or tablet to check your balance, pay bills, update your details and more. It’s a great tool to help you take care of that life admin. You can access ANZ Internet Banking with your computer screen reader.

Use Internet Banking

More about security

Safety first

Keeping your bank account and card details safe is our number one priority. To learn how we protect your personal details and sensitive banking information visit our security hub.

Find out more about security

Share your thoughts

For more information on how we’re working to make ANZ more inclusive or to share any ideas you may have with us, please get in touch.

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Share your thoughts

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Mobile payments available on compatible devices and eligible ANZ cards.

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For eligible ANZ credit cards, withdrawals from an Australian ANZ ATM using a digital wallet will attract interest, and you may also have to pay a Cash Advance Fee. For a full list of transactions that are considered to be a ‘cash advance’, please refer to the ANZ Credit Card Conditions of Use (PDF). If you’re planning to make a cash advance using an eligible ANZ credit card with a digital wallet, please check the relevant interest rate and fees first. See the full list of eligible ANZ Visa cards available for use with your digital wallet: Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Garmin Pay, Fitbit Pay.


Cash deposit limits apply.


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