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Business protection and cyber security

Discover how ANZ protects your business banking and how you can report fraud and scams. Learn about common cyber threats and explore our tips to help keep your business, staff, information and customers safe.

How we protect
your business

With evolving fraud detection technology, biometrics monitoring in the ANZ App and Internet Banking and a team of specialists to help your business 24/7, we offer security you can bank on.  

ANZ Falcon® protection

Our anti-fraud technology, ANZ Falcon®, analyses your banking behaviour to recognise, flag and identify suspicious transactions and activity. No matter what size your business is, ANZ Falcon® can detect fraud and help put a stop to it.

Learn more about ANZ Falcon® 

Bank account protection

We’re always working behind the scenes to equip our systems with the latest security measures. These include fraud detection systems, delayed payments, SMS or email notifications, high-grade encryption and automatic time-outs.

Learn about our account protection features 

Behavioural biometrics

This sophisticated anti-fraud technology learns how you use ANZ Internet Banking and the ANZ App, looking for signs that indicate it might not be you using your account.

Find out how biometrics works 

24-hour immediate support

Our Customer Protection Team is available 24/7, so you can call them whenever something doesn’t feel quite feel right. We have dedicated teams to support small business and business banking customers or ANZ transactive customers.

Call us to report fraud or scams

ANZ Fraud Money Back Guarantee

We reimburse you for fraudulent transactions on your ANZ card, so long as you comply with the product terms and conditions, tell us promptly and didn't contribute to the loss.

Our bank fraud protection promise 

Multi-factor authentication

Verify transactions multiple ways with an SMS one-time passcodeVoice ID or ANZ Shield. Two-step security for ANZ Plus accounts is managed through the ANZ Plus app and your passcode, or biometrics like Selfie ID.

Secure business banking

It all starts with an easy to open business account, with transaction security you can rely on. Explore a dedicated business account, like ANZ Business Essentials.

Compare business transaction accounts 

Internet banking for business

ANZ Internet Banking for Business gives you plenty of ways to protect your banking details.

A safer way to bank

If you're an ANZ Internet Banking for Business customer, gain an extra layer of security when you bank online with your choice of either ANZ Shield or an ANZ Security Device.

Control account access

Using ANZ Internet Banking for Business? You can decide how your employees and your accountant access your internet banking by assigning them as an Administrator, Authoriser or Operator.

Authorise co-signatories

Add new signatories to your account by calling your ANZ Relationship Manager or by visiting your local ANZ branch.

Direct document exchange

If you are a commercial or private banking customer, the ANZ Document Exchange allows you to upload documents directly to your banker using multi-factor authentication.

Cyber events that may impact your business


Malware is software that is used for malicious purposes to commit cybercrime. This could be used to steal important information, or may be used to damage or hold your device for ransom unless you pay the criminal.

Learn about malware 

Business email compromise

Criminals may gain access to the accounts system, email or messaging account of a genuine business. They may change the payment details on an invoice or message sent to a customer or your business. This also known as a 'payment redirection scam'.

Learn about business email compromise 


Phishing is a technique used to gain sensitive personal or financial information where criminals impersonate individuals or businesses you may recognise and trust. Phishing often occurs through websites, SMS or emails that look legitimate but are actually fake. 

Learn about phishing 

Bank impersonation scams

Scammers may contact you pretending to be from the bank. In order to gain access to your money they may ask you to log in to a fake online banking page, download software, ask for your personal details or ask you to transfer money into a "safe account".

Learn about bank impersonation scams 

Transactive Global users

We safeguard your ANZ corporate accounts and information when you use our digital services.
We'll help you protect your accounts and your business against online fraud.

Learn more about: 

  • How ANZ protects you online
  • What security controls your company can put in place
  • How to protect and manage your own online security   
  • Cyber security resources you can access

Visit our corporate online security centre

How you can protect
your business

Educate your staff

Your staff are the first line of defence against cyber threats and scams. Invest in educating your staff to create a culture of cyber awareness and encourage good digital hygiene.

Online safety resources

Don't click links or attachments

Be cautious of links or attachments in unsolicited messages. By clicking them you may download malicious software which may harm your device and/or steal your information.

Learn how to protect yourself

Always verify requests

Seek confirmation if you receive a request to change banking details from a supplier or employee. Always confirm the request is legitimate by contacting the party directly on a trusted contact number - not the contact details on the invoice or message.

Learn about business email compromise 

Utilise your security controls

Ensure security controls are in place to protect your information such as automating regular anti-virus and malware scans, updates and back-ups. Turn on multi-factor authentication (also known as two-factor authentication) for all services and databases holding your customer information.

Learn about security controls

Remove account details

Consider removing bank account details from issued invoices and instead offer PayID® or BPAY. These options allow the payer to see the recipient's name/organisation before finalising payment.

Learn about PayID®

Learn about BPAY

Check your accounts

Regularly check your business accounts for any suspicious transactions and ensure your contact details with ANZ are up to date.

Check your account online

Useful resources

Understanding risk

Financially ready hub

External resources


Common questions

What to do if you think you’ve been scammed

If you think you have been scammed, know that you’re not alone. It’s natural to be angry, as it can feel violating to have your good faith used against you. Below are some immediate actions you can take to protect yourself from further financial harm.

  • If you have shared financial information or transferred money, notify your bank immediately.  If you’re an ANZ customer, please contact us immediately.

  • If you shared credit card details, temporarily block or cancel those cards immediately. If your cards are with ANZ, you can do this through the app. Learn more.

Who can you contact if you’ve been scammed?

  • Report the scam to the Police through the Australian Signals Directorate’s ReportCyber portal. This resource is there for reports of scams where money or personal information has been lost.

  • You can contact the Australian cyber security hotline 24 hours a day, seven days a week on 1300 CYBER1 (or 1300 292 371). 

  • Help others by reporting to Scamwatch to help them prevent future losses, monitor trends and educate the population about emerging threats. 

  • You can also contact IDCare, a not-for-profit organisation providing support to those experiencing identity and cyber security issues.

Report a scam

ANZ regularly contacts customers via genuine calls and messages. However, cybercriminals can also contact you, claiming to be from ANZ.

They often use a technique called 'ID spoofing', where their caller ID shows a different number to the one they’re actually using.

This means they can mimic the name or number of major organisations, like ANZ.

We’re working with major telecommunications companies to activate anti-spoofing technologies to prevent criminals from abusing the "ANZ" brand in messages.

In a genuine ANZ call, SMS message or email, we'll never ask you to:

  • share sensitive online banking details (like passwords, PINs, ANZ Shield codes, token codes, or one-time passcodes for payment)
  • click a link to log in to your account
  • grant remote access to your computer, phone, tablet (or any other mobile device)
  • transfer money to another account to keep it safe

If unsure about a call, hang up immediately. If unsure about a message, don't click on links or attachments.

It's important to educate your team in cyber security practices, such as detecting scam messages and managing information to ensure security and privacy is maintained for both customers and your organisation. Visit our tips for working from home to learn about best practice and things your staff can do to ensure they are working safely and securely.

For additional controls, review the Australian Government’s Signals Directorate Essential Eight. These represent strategies to mitigate cyber security incidents in a prioritised list to assist organisations in protecting their systems.

For more information and tips on how to be safe online, visit ANZ security hub.

We recommend using PayID® to ensure an extra layer of security when sending or receiving payments.

You can create a PayID® on your eligible account using your mobile phone, email or ABN/ACN (if eligible). With PayID®, it's easier to receive paymentsdisclaimer or set up a PayTo® agreementdisclaimer by sharing your PayID® instead of your BSB and account number.

Learn more about PayID®

Any information provided is general in nature and does not take into account your personal needs, financial circumstances or objectives and you should consider whether it is appropriate for you. ANZ recommends you read the applicable Terms and Conditions booklets and the ANZ Financial Services Guide (PDF) before deciding whether to acquire, or continue to hold, a particular product, which are available on or by calling 13 13 14 before deciding whether to acquire, or continue to hold the product.

Temporary service interruptions may occur. Technical requirements apply.

For information about fees & charges, please see the Business Banking Transaction Accounts Fees and Charges (PDF), ANZ Business Transaction Accounts Terms and Conditions (PDF) and Business Banking General Service Fees and Charges (PDF).

Falcon® is a registered trademark of Fair Isaac Corporation.


Eligible accounts and payments only – sending and receiving account must be capable of processing faster payments. Technical interruptions may occur and some payments may be delayed e.g. for security screening.


To be eligible to use a PayID for a PayTo agreement, the account must be eligible to send and receive NPP payments. PayTo is only available if offered by the relevant Payee. Technical interruptions may occur.