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Internet security software

Download anti-virus software for your computer to safeguard your files, photos and personal information.

Why should you use security software?

Up-to-date security software protects your computer from malicious software (malware) like viruses, spam and spywaredisclaimer. Malware can stop your computer from working, delete or corrupt your files or give cybercriminals access to personal and confidential information on your computer. Learn how to stay safe online

Choose the right security software for you

There's a range of security software solutions available to suit your needs. While no software offers 100% protection, installing it significantly increases your computer’s security.

Check for malware

To check for existing viruses, run a 'full-scan' when you install the software. To guard against future threats, enable automatic scanning, and perform regular back-ups and security software updates.

Can't remove a virus?

If your software can’t remove a virus, contact a technical support provider.

No protection software will completely guarantee against unauthorised access or virus contamination, but it may increase the security of your computer systems.