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Bank account protection

When it comes to bank account and card security, keeping your personal details and sensitive banking information safe is our number one priority.

How we protect you

We’re always working behind the scenes to equip our systems with the latest security measures. Here are some examples:

Fraud detection system and payment delay

Our fraud and scam detection system monitors your transactions for suspicious activity.

To help safeguard your money, we may temporarily delay certain payments. During this time, we encourage you to double check the recipient’s details.

Contact ANZ immediately if you think you’ve been scammed.

Report suspicious activity | ANZ

If you’re happy to proceed with your payment there is no need to do anything, your payment will generally be released soon.

Stay up to date with the latest types of scams

Learn more

SMS or email notifications

As extra protection for your ANZ online banking activities, we may send you a SMS one-time passcode or email notification to verify a range of online banking activities.

High-grade encryption

We encrypt your personal data so that unauthorised people aren't able to change or see your confidential banking details.

24/7 support

Our fraud prevention team are on hand to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you've received a suspicious message or a call related to ANZ, or see any unusual activity on your cards or account, call us to report bank fraud.

Automatic time-outs

To keep your ANZ Internet Banking experience secure, our system will automatically log you out of your banking session if it's left unattended for a maximum period of 15 minutes.

Protect yourself and your money

The Australian Banking Association has tips on protecting your data, bank cards and accounts from fraud.

Their fact sheets explain how to:

  • protect your online information and financial identity
  • bank safely on the go, using mobiles or tablets
  • keep your details safe when you shop online.

Learn more

Protecting your accounts and cards

Mobile banking security

Ramp up security on your phone, keep your operating system up-to-date and avoid imitation apps.

Internet banking security

Take a look at ANZ’s security measures to help you bank online safely and see what steps you can take to keep your details safe.

Credit card security

Gain peace of mind knowing that we have a range of security measures in place to protect your credit card details when you bank or shop online.

ATM security

Heard about skimming? Find out more about it and follow our tips to help you use our ATMs securely.

ANZ Fraud Money Bank Guarantee

You’re covered against fraudulent transactions on your card.disclaimer

ANZ Shield

Download our free security app, ANZ Shield, to enable two-step verification for particular payments and banking activities.

Bank Online with Confidence

At ANZ we know that having the confidence to bank online is important to our customers, and we want you to feel safe and confident when doing so. That is why we are letting you know about eSafety’s Be Connected program.

Be Connected is a free Australian Government initiative committed to improving the online capability and safety of seniors. The Be Connected Online Banking course can help learners to build the skills to transact safely.

Visit the Be Connected website to find out more about the Online Banking module or, if you need further assistance, contact the Be Connected Helpline on 1300 795 897.

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Provided the cardholder didn’t contribute to the loss and notified ANZ promptly of the fraud.