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ATM security

ANZ ATMs come with in-built ATM features to help protect you from security threats like card skimming. There are steps you can take to protect yourself too. Learn about common ATM security threats and how to keep your bank details safe.

What is card skimming

Card skimming is when criminals use devices attached to an ATM to capture data from the magnetic stripe on the back of an ATM card. Criminals put a concealed scanning device over an ATM’s card reader and hide a camera to record your PIN as you enter it. 

By skimming someone’s card, a criminal can make unauthorised purchases from your account, using your money. Skimming devices are often well disguised and it can be difficult to notice if an ATM you’re using has been tampered with.

How do we protect you?

Our ATMs are fitted with a variety of protective measures to better protect customers from card fraud. Our newer ATMs are installed with a device that changes the shape of the card reader, making it hard for anyone to install a skimming device.

Your card will either pass slowly through the reader or jolt as it enters. These are both signs that the ATM you're using has skimming prevention software installed. As the machine ‘shakes’ your card on entry, it interrupts any scanning process and prevents skimming attempts.

We also have other ATM security features, such as ink-staining technology, which helps prevent theft and helps to ensure your information and funds are kept secure.

How you can protect yourself

Protect your details when using an ATM by following these tips:

  1. Memorise your PIN, don’t write it down or keep it on you.
  2. Cover the ATM’s keypad when you’re typing in your PIN.
  3. Be aware of anyone looking over your shoulder.
  4. Store your cash safely in your purse or wallet before leaving the ATM. 
  5. Use Tap & PIN where possible as it's a more secure alternative and it reduces skimming opportunities.

Tap & PIN

Using advanced contactless technology, you can tap your Australian-issued ANZ Visa card at any ANZ ATM to carry out transactions. With Tap & PIN, you'll:

  • have the peace of mind that your PIN will still be required
  • avoid the risk of card skimming as your card doesn't need to be placed in the ATM card reader
  • rest easy, knowing your transactions will be safe and fully encrypted
  • be able to carry out transactions anywhere you see the contactless symbol

Report strange or suspicious activity at an ATM

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