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Data Breach Customer Support

With a number of cyber-attacks and data breaches recently in the media, we understand many of our customers may be affected and this may be a stressful time.

At ANZ, we’re working 24/7 to help keep your banking details secure. And we’ll support our customers during this time.

If you're an affected ANZ customer, we'll work with you to understand what's happened and what you can do.

Below is a list of useful resources and frequently asked questions. We will update them as the situation changes.

We've developed some handy tips to help keep you protected (PDF 433KB).

And if you’re a business or company, it’s also important that you and your company take responsibility to stay protected from ever-changing cybersecurity threats.

ANZ is committed to helping you reduce the risk of these threats by providing a range of resources for our Business and Institutional customers.

Known Data Breaches

We encourage customers of the following companies to visit their websites for the latest up to date information and advice.

Company Date Where to get information IDCARE have specialist identity protection advice and resources available
Tangerine Telecom 23 February 2024 Tangerine Telecom Website IDCARE website
HWL Ebsworth 28 April 2023 HWL Ebsworth Website IDCARE website
Latitude Financial Services 16 March 2023 Latitude Website IDCARE Latitude Response Fact Sheet
Medibank Group 20 October 2022 Medibank website
ahm website
IDCARE Medibank Data Breach Response Fact Sheet
Optus 22 September 2022 Optus Website IDCARE Optus Data Breach Response Fact Sheet

What is ANZ doing to help protect my accounts?

We have many layers of security controls to protect and defend the bank including a 24/7 Security Operations Centre analysing data events every day to help keep the bank, its customers, and staff safe online. We monitor the latest threat intelligence, and use this information to improve internal detection and defense mechanisms. 

For more information visit the ANZ Security Centre.

You can set up a credit report to alert you if anyone attempts to access your credit report. This may happen if someone tries to apply for credit in your name.

Alternatively, you can ask each of the three Australian credit reporting bodies to block anyone from accessing to your credit report for 21days. You can find more information on these credit reporting websites: 

Equifax - Please refer to the information available on the Equifax website under the heading “Victim of fraud?”

ExperianVisit the Experian website for more information.

illion - You can find information available on illion’s check your credit website under the heading “personal credit alerts and reports”.

Find out how we manage and protect your personal information, particularly when providing a product or service to you at our Privacy Centre.

What can I do to protect my accounts?

ANZ is aware of a number of data breaches currently impacting various companies and organisations and we are monitoring the situations closely.

These are not incidents that have affected ANZ's systems. Our security controls are in place which aim to protect our customers’ accounts.

We encourage our customers to have heightened awareness across their accounts. Looking out for unusual or fraudulent activity and any SMS, email or social media messages which seem odd or suspicious.

While ANZ works around the clock to help protect your accounts from fraud, there are simple steps that our customers can take to further improve their level of security by:

  • Activating two layers of security by using Two Factor Authentication (2FA) whenever it is available including Personal and Business banking – ANZ Voice ID and ANZ Shield

  • Not sharing passwords, PINs, user IDs or One-Time Passcodes, or using banking passwords/PINs for other purposes e.g. having the same password for internet banking and email

  • Setting up mobile device security with an automatic screen lock, PIN and/or biometric (fingerprint/face/voice) detection

  • Securely storing devices (such as security tokens) when not in use to prevent someone else getting hold of them.

For more information, please visit our Security Centre at bank account protection.

ANZ’s Fraud Team can also help you by:

  • Placing increased security on your accounts which will monitor applications for credit that may be made in your name and if an application is made, we will contact you directly to confirm.

If you are an ANZ customer and would like increased security across your accounts, please contact us.

You will receive email confirmation once your request has been completed. Due to the current high demand, there may be a delay. 

If we identify any transactions as possibly suspect or unusual, we’ll try to get in touch with you to make sure it’s one of your transactions. If we can’t get hold of you, we may block the account until you can confirm the transaction.

We recommend you keep your passwords long and strong and maintain unique passwords across your online accounts. If you suspect your account has been compromised, change your password immediately. You can find or change your login details in ANZ Internet Banking and via the ANZ App. 

For more information, please visit our Support Centre at find or change your login details and for tips see protecting your security credentials.

No, you can view, search, print and even download your transaction details.  If you believe a transaction has been made in error, you can lodge a dispute for that transaction. You can view or dispute your transactions here

No, all ANZ credit cards are protected by a wide range of security measures. You may have heard of ANZ Falcon™, but there's also a wide range of other security measures to help protect your card, like ANZ Fraud Money Back Guarantee and Visa Secure (formerly known as Verified by Visa). 

If we identify any transactions as possibly suspect or unusual, we’ll try to get in touch with you to make sure it’s one of your transactions. If we can’t get hold of you, we may block the account until you can confirm the transaction.

For more information, please visit Credit Card Security.

We have a number of ways to make secure payments:

If you’re making a Pay Anyone payment, you can install ANZ Shield to apply a second layer of security. ANZ Shield is an application for mobile phones available in Google Play and Apple App stores.  You do not need to be online to use ANZ Shield.

Once you have downloaded the App, ANZ Shield can be used as an offline multi-factor authentication tool – even in areas without reception. 

PayID is a secure way to help you make and receive Fast Payments. Create a PayID in the ANZ App using your mobile or email and receive payments from friends and family, instead of telling them your BSB and account number.

Additionally, when you make a high-value payment using the ANZ App, you'll be prompted to verify your identity using Voice ID.

Voice ID is a secure way for us to check that you're the correct person initiating the payment – without needing to generate a special code or password.

While ANZ works around the clock to help protect your accounts from fraud, it's important to be aware of the risks.

Learn how to identify fraud and how to protect yourself from common scams, and always contact us if you notice any unusual activity on your cards or accounts. We’re here to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Forward any suspicious SMS or emails to

Don't click on any links included in any SMS or email.

ANZ will not be calling our customers about a data breach occurring at another company.

We’re seeing an increase in phone scams where callers claim to be an ANZ staff member.

These scammers are calling customers advising their funds are at risk of fraud or there is suspicious activity on their account and requesting customers to move funds to another account to protect their money – we recommend you end these calls immediately.

Our Fraud team may call customers from time to time to verify suspicious transactions like these, however no communications from ANZ relating to this incident will include any links.

ANZ will also never ask you to transfer money or download software.

Do not provide personal or banking information to unknown people via an unsolicited call, SMS or email, or give them access to your computer or online bank accounts. Always contact ANZ via a phone number or other contact details published on our website 

For more information about scams or if you believe you may have fallen victim to a scam, follow the steps outlined here

The best way to protect yourself is to:

  • Not to click on suspicious links or attachments that may lead you to download malicious software onto your device

  • Pause before sharing personal information online and consider how this information may be valuable to a cybercriminal

  • Ensure your anti-virus software is up to date

  • Put a lock on your mailbox at home and redirect mail when you move

  • Shred documents containing personal information before you throw them away

  • If a new card or product arrives in the mail that you didn't apply for, call the bank it came from immediately

  • Regularly check your credit file

To understand and recognise common types of fraud please visit our ANZ Security Centre – Fraud Detection.

Other important resources:

IDCARE is supporting individuals who may be impacted by the recent Data breaches and have released a Response Fact Sheet relating these Data Breaches.

Visit the Australia and New Zealand’s national identity and cyber support service IDCARE website.

The Australian Government, Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) have released advice following the Optus and Medibank Private data breaches Visit:

The Australian Government, Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) and Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) have released advice following the Optus and Medibank Private data breaches. Visit:

We understand you may have attempted to contact us.

We are experiencing high call volumes and wait times are longer than usual. Where possible, you may also contact us using digital banking options, including the ANZ App 'message us' service or via Internet Banking.

Please be assured, if you are unable to use digital banking options, we are here to assist you, and appreciate your patience while waiting to get through to us.

This information seeks to raise awareness and provides general information only. It may be necessary or appropriate to ensure measures are taken in addition to, or in substitution for, the measures presented having regard to your particular personal or business circumstances.

Learn more about safeguarding your data and the steps we take to protect you and your money by visiting our ANZ Security Centre.