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Use a template to create direct debits

Templates are a convenient way to create direct debits. Once you save a template you can elect it to populate your direct debit payments without the need to add the details for each payment individually.

Creating direct debits using a template is easy.

How to use a template to create direct debits 

ANZ Internet Banking for Business customers can easily add a new direct debits template.

  • Go to the "Payments" menu.
  • Select "Set up business Direct debit".
  • Select the "Create direct debit batch using a template" link.

Step 1 - Choose your template and click "Set up a direct debit"

You are presented with the list of your saved templates.

  • Ensure the correct direct debits template is selected by using "Select" on the relevant template.
  • Select the "Set up a direct debit" link.

Step 2 - View the user ID list

The "Direct debit" page will display each user ID along with the following details:

  • Account number: displays the account number linked to the user ID. This account will be credited when you process a direct debit transaction.
  • Limit: displays the maximum amount of funds that can be debited per cycle, as specified at registration.
  • Cycle: the cycle is the length of time during which you can debit no more than the specified limit, i.e. daily, weekly, and monthly, etc.
  • Remaining: displays the remaining direct debit limit for the current cycle.
  • Current cycle end date: displays the end date for the current cycle.

Step 3 - Select the relevant user ID

Ensure the correct user ID is selected, using the radio buttons under the "Select" column.

  • Select "Continue".

This will again display a summary of the direct debit user ID information.

  • Select "Continue" if you wish to use this ID to create the direct debit batch.
  • Otherwise select the "Cancel" button.

Please note that the multiple direct debit payments will all be processed as one credit to your selected account. You cannot select multiple accounts.

Step 4 - Check the direct debit details

The direct debit details will be populated from the template and will include the user ID, credit account and direct debit client details from the imported file.

You can remove the clients from the list and/or edit the amount if necessary.

Step 5 - Enter the transfer date

Transfer date (one-off transfer): choose the date on which you want the payments to be debited from your chose account. You can either: 

  • Select "Today" if the payments are due today or if the payments are due later, select "Later" and then either:
    • select the calendar icon and click on the date required, or
    • enter the date in the format DD/MM/YYYY (e.g. 22/02/2010).
  • Remember all the payments will be processed as one credit to your chosen account on this specified date so you only need to enter the date once. The date must be within the next 30 days.

Step 6 - Fill in your business name

Your/Business name: enter either your own name or the name of your business if appropriate. The name you enter:

  • will appear on the client/debtor's statement so ensure it makes your identity clear to the client/debtor.
  • must only contain letters (no special characters eg. _/@#%^*).

Step 7 - Add more payments (if applicable)

The payment details from your template will populate the payments list.

  • If you want to add more payments please follow steps 5-7 from the Create direct debits manually page.
  • If you need to remove a payment select the "Remove" button on the right of the list.
  • You can also change the payment amount if necessary by selecting the amount box and editing it as needed.

Step 8 - Click "Continue"

  • When you are happy with the list of payments, the "From" account selected and the transfer date select "Continue".

Step 9 - Review your information

Review all your information to ensure it is correct. If information is incorrect it may result in an unsuccessful transfer or the wrong payee receiving funds.

If you notice mistakes select "Back" and re-enter the correct details following steps 1-10.

Step 10 - Confirm your transfer

  • When you are happy with the information entered select "Confirm". This will complete the transfer and a confirmation message will display.

ANZ Internet Banking for Business Operators can select "Request authorisation" to submit the transfer to the relevant Authoriser or Administrator for approval.

Find out more about authorising transactions

Step 11 - View your lodgement receipt

  • Your lodgement receipt is displayed to confirm that your transaction has been submitted successfully.
  • This does not mean the transaction will be processed successfully as that is dependent on the details you have entered being accurate and sufficient available funds being in the account from which the payment is to be made.
  • Please make a note of the receipt number and lodgement number for your own records.

Important notes

When you are making direct debits it is your responsibility to ensure the details you provide are correct.

  • We do not check that the details provided by you are correct.
  • Pending transfers will expire if not approved by the appropriate number of Authorisers within the selected payment authorisation period.
  • You must ensure that the details in the payment instructions provided by you are correct or all or part of the debit may be unsuccessful or made to an unintended account.
  • Direct debits requested before 6.00pm Melbourne time on a bank business day will be processed to the account on the same day.
  • Direct debits requested after this time may be processed on the following bank business day.
  • An immediate direct debit or a direct debit to be processed today cannot be deleted or cancelled after it is fully authorised.
  • You can stop future direct debit payments if necessary.
  • If you wish to delete a future dated payment, the request must be lodged with ANZ Internet Banking prior to 11.59pm Melbourne time on the day prior to the payment date.
  • Please note that you cannot edit a future payment.
  • You must delete and then re-submit a new payment.

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Frequently asked questions

Use our frequently asked questions to find out more about using a direct debit template to receive payments.

The direct debit template allows you to receive payments from up to 99 accounts of your clients or debtors at one time with a single credit to your selected business account.

Yes. ANZ Internet Banking for business can be accessed via eligible mobile, tablet and desktop devices, so you'll have access to all the functionality that you would use on a desktop device. You can find out more information on our software requirements and settings page.

Yes. You can make required changes to the amount or client details while using the saved templates to create direct debits.

  • While using a saved template you can either add more clients to it or remove unwanted clients and payments before you confirm your direct debits.
  • Once the changes are made, you can also save it in a new template.

Yes, you can edit, copy, rename or delete the templates. You can make the following edits to your direct debit templates:

  • Update your business name. Remember this will appear on the client's statements so ensure it is accurate and clear with no special characters (e.g.  !@$#%^&*).
  • Add more payments by following steps 2-3 of the "Add template" page.
  • Remove a payment by selecting the "Remove" button to the right of the payment.
  • Change the amount for an existing payment by selecting the amount field and typing a new amount in dollars and cents with a decimal point.

No. Direct debit transactions cannot be set up as recurring transactions.

  • They can either be immediate or future dated.
  • The date must be within the next 30 days.
  • If you need to debit the same client's account on a regular basis, you can save it as a direct debit template, which can be used every time you make a transaction.

Payee/employees/clients lists and payment templates are available to all Administrators and Authorisers in ANZ Internet Banking for Business as this information is held at the business level.

  • Administrators can, however, restrict Operators from having access to payee lists for Pay Anyone, payroll or payment templates or direct debit functions.

Direct debit works the reverse of the payment batch, which means that you will receive the credit as soon as you process the direct debit payment, and then over the next 1-2 days ANZ proceeds to debit the money from your customers or debtors in the batch. The transaction information on the credit will appear the same day the payment is sent for processing.

The standard cut-off time for processing direct debit payments is 6.00pm Melbourne time on a bank business day.

  • Any payments processed after this time will be processed on the next bank business day.

Yes. You can view the returned items associated with the direct debit payments done and the reason the item was returned (e.g. incorrect account or BSB, insufficient funds, etc) on the "Set up business Direct debit" page.

  • If you have any issues with this or for further assistance, please contact ANZ Internet Banking for Business team on 1800 269 242  (International callers: +61 3 8699 6906) between 8.00am to 8.00pm Melbourne time, Monday to Friday excluding public holidays.

You can stop future dated direct debit transaction via the "Manage future payments/transfers" section under the "Payments" menu.

To delete future dated payments/transactions, the request must be lodged with ANZ Internet Banking prior to 11.59pm Melbourne time on the day prior to the payment/transfer date.

Find out more about deleting future payments/transfers