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The Administrator can easily control the access and permissions of Authorisers, Operators and other Administrators to ensure maximum security and accountability.

The “Edit” function allows Administrators to configure the following for each Operator:

  • Login access status
  • Access to payroll templates and employee lists
  • Access to payment templates and payee/biller/employee lists
  • Access to payment and transfer types for each linked account

The “Edit” function allows Administrators to configure the following for each Administrator or Authoriser:

  • The ability to view and/or to authorise payments / transfers
  • The ability to share data on behalf of the business

How do I edit a user's access? 

You can easily edit the access of your Authorisers, Operators and other Administrators following these steps:

Step 1 – Navigate to “Edit”

  • Select “Manage users” from the “Settings” section
  • Select the user whose access you wish to update
  • Select “Edit”.

Step 2 – Edit the Operator’s login access

  • Select the appropriate Login access for the Operator
  • If the user is a recently added Operator, select “Enabled” to ensure they are able to log on to ANZ Internet Banking for Business.

Step 3 – Edit the Operator’s template access

  • Select which templates the user Operator can have access to.

Step 4 – Edit the user’s account access

To set an Operator’s account access:

  • Edit the Operator’s access permissions for each account, by selecting the “View” and / or “Transfer” checkboxes
  • If you selected “Transfer”, also select the specific payment / transfer types the Operator will be required to create, such as Pay Anyone, Payroll, etc.

To set an Administrator or Authoriser’s access:

  • Edit the user’s access permissions for each account, by selecting the “View” and/or “Authorise” access checkboxes.
  • To appoint a user as a Nominated Representative for Open Banking, select “Yes” on the “Data sharing access” section.

Step 5 – Save your changes

  • Select “Save” if you want to save your changes
  • Otherwise, select "Cancel" to return to “Manage Users” with no changes

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Frequently asked questions

Use our frequently asked questions to find out more about editing a user’s access in ANZ Internet Banking for Business.

When you add a new Operator, their login access starts off in the suspended state. An Operator won’t be able to log on to ANZ Internet Banking for Business until you change their login access to “Enabled”.

It’s good practice to suspend login access of Administrators or Authorisers who have potentially been a victim of fraud. Because ANZ Internet Banking for Business doesn’t allow an Administrator to reset the passwords of Authorisers and other Administrators, it makes sense to suspend their login access until they’ve had their password reset. Suspending their access limits the chance of further fraud until they can contact ANZ directly.

The Operator can only be un-suspended if they have been allowed access to at least one of the linked business accounts.

  • This means that if no account access types are selected for any accounts, the Operator can’t be un-suspended as they don't have valid account access.
  • To un-suspend the Operator, ensure the access checkbox for at least one account is selected. For more information, see Step 4 – Edit the user’s account access.

If you select “View”, the Operator will see the account, and view the transaction history, but they won’t be able to perform any other actions on the account.

  • The term “Transfer” refers to the movement of funds from a linked account. You need to select this before you can grant access to the specific payment/transfer types “Pay Anyone”, “Pay Bill”, “Funds Transfer” and / or “Payroll
  • The term “Funds transfer” specifically refers to transferring funds between linked accounts
  • Note: Unselecting “Transfer” will automatically unselect all of the previously selected payment / transfer types.

Users can’t be granted access specifically to International money transfers from this page. To allow a user to perform International Money Transfers:

  • Ensure the “Pay Anyone” checkbox is selected and save your changes
  • If you already have International Services activated, the user will automatically have access to International Money Transfers. Otherwise you’ll need to register for International Services.

No, Operators can’t authorise payments. Operators can create the type of payments/transfers you grant them access to, but once created, the payments/transfers will need to be authorised by the Administrators or Authorisers.