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PayID explained

ANZ customers can use a PayID to get paiddisclaimeror set up a PayTo agreementdisclaimeron eligible accounts.

It doesn’t replace your BSB and account number which stay exactly the same – it’s like a nickname for your account.

No, a PayID acts like a ‘pointer’ to your BSB and account so you no longer have to remember them.

PayIDs do not replace your BSB and account number which stays exactly the same – it’s just like a nickname for your account that friends, family and customers can use to pay you.disclaimer

You may still be able to make faster paymentsdisclaimerby continuing to use a BSB and account number if that is what you prefer.

PayID is available on most of our everyday consumer and business transaction accounts, however there are some exceptions, such as ANZ One mortgage offset accounts. See full list of eligible accounts (PDF) for details. 

Setting up PayID

ANZ customers will be able to link a mobile number or an email address to an eligible account (PDF) to create a PayID. If you have an eligible business account (PDF) you may also be able to use an ABN or ACN previously provided to ANZ as your PayID.  

At this stage, ANZ customers are unable to register an organisation ID as a PayID. We recommend you set up your mobile number, email address or ABN/ACN as your PayID instead.

Most ANZ customers (using the ANZ App, ANZ Internet Banking and ANZ Internet Banking for Small Business) will only be able to create one mobile and one email PayID and link it to an eligible account (PDF).

If you are an ANZ Internet Banking for Business Customer, you can also use your ABN/ACN as your PayID and create multiple PayIDs using mobile numbers or email addresses, as long as you can verify they belong to you.

No, ANZ is unable to create PayIDs on your behalf. You need to log in to ANZ Internet Banking or the ANZ App to create your own PayID.

As we roll out new ways of paying, you will receive a SMS one-time passcode (verification code) to create a PayID. Please make sure your mobile phone number is up to date – you can check and update it in the ‘Profile’ section of ANZ Internet Banking.

Transferring your PayID to ANZ is a simple two-step process. First, you’ll need to contact your financial institution to transfer your PayID from your previous account to your eligible ANZ account. Once you’ve submitted your transfer request, simply log in to ANZ Internet Banking and follow the prompts to create your PayID.

A PayID can only be linked to one eligible account (PDF) at any given time – even across different financial institutions.

Yes, multiple PayID types can be linked to the same eligible account (PDF). For example, you could link an email PayID and a phone number PayID to the same account. 

There may be a number of reasons why you are unable to create a PayID. For example, it may be because it is already linked to another bank account at another financial institution. A mobile number, email address or ABN/ACN can only be registered once across all financial institutions in Australia. You’ll need to request a transfer from your other financial institution before you can create it with ANZ. 

If you’ve already transferred this PayID from another financial institution, please check with them to ensure that it's been released. Once it’s been successfully released, you’ll need to create your PayID using ANZ Internet Banking or the ANZ App.

Yes, you can make and receive PayID payments with ANZ Plus. You can create a PayID in ANZ Plus or transfer an existing one. To start using PayID go to Payment Settings in the ANZ Plus app and follow the simple prompts.


Using a PayID

Once you've created a PayID and linked it to an eligible accountdisclaimer, you can use it for people to send a payment to you or for merchants (payee) to receive payments from you instead of providing your BSB and account number.

However, you can still use your BSB and account number if you prefer. Payments made using a BSB and account number may still be fast if both the sending and receiving account are capable of processing faster payments.

Yes, you can setup a PayTo agreement on an eligible account (PDF) using your PayID.disclaimer

If both the sending and receiving accounts are capable of processing faster payments, the payment could be made in near real time. Faster payments will not be available on some ANZ accounts – see our full list of eligible accounts (PDF).

Keeping track of your PayIDs with ANZ is easy. They can be found in ANZ Internet Banking under 'Settings' and 'Manage your PayID'. Here you will be able to see your PayIDs that are active, pending registration or in the process of being transferred to ANZ.

You can also check them in the ANZ App by logging in to the ANZ App, tapping on Profile in the bottom tab, then scrolling down to PayID.

You can now make a payment to a PayID and create a PayID in the latest version of the ANZ App. 

Security of PayID

Transactions made using PayID have the same level of security that protects your existing ANZ accounts and payments. 

As we roll out new ways of paying, you will receive an SMS one-time passcode (verification code) to set up a PayID, and we may also use them to help verify some payments. Please make sure your mobile phone number is up to date – you can check and update it in the ‘Profile’ section of ANZ Internet Banking.

If you've registered for ANZ Shield, you will be prompted to generate a Shield Code when making ANZ Internet Banking transactions or any changes to your account. A Shield Code is an alternative to an SMS to help verify payments if you’d rather not rely on mobile reception. Once you’ve installed the ANZ Shield app on your registered phone, you don’t need to be online to use it – so it works in areas with poor or no mobile signal.

You won't receive an SMS one-time passcode for PayID payments made in the ANZ App.

When a PayID is created, it will be linked to a name which helps identify the recipient. The PayID name will be shown during the payment process to help confirm the payment is going to the right person. You should check this name carefully before submitting your payment.

If you believe a PayID has been created in error, you can complete an ownership dispute request and we can look into this for you.

You can raise a dispute query via ANZ Internet Banking or by contacting the ANZ Contact Centre on 13 13 14. 

The financial services sector have all worked together to ensure PayIDs can only be registered by a person who can verify the mobile number, email address or ABN/ACN.

When an ANZ Customer registers their PayID and links it to an ANZ account in ANZ Internet Banking or the ANZ App, a verification code will be sent via SMS or to their email address to confirm they are the owner of that PayID.

All financial institutions (including ANZ) that are providing PayID functionality must have the capability to detect and respond to fraudulent activity in a real-time environment, meeting strict interbank technical and operational requirements. Transactions made using PayID have the same level of security that protects your existing ANZ bank accounts and payments.

Please double check the PayID name shown when paying to a PayID and ensure it is correct before you submit.  If you enter an incorrect BSB, account number or PayID when setting up a Payee, your payment may be paid to an unintended recipient and may not be able to be recovered.

ANZ does not check that the details provided by you are correct or that the account name matches the account number.

Once final authorisation has been completed, your payment cannot be cancelled.

However, in some cases ANZ can ask the receiving bank to return funds sent to unintended recipients. Our ability to do this may depend on how long ago the transaction took place. We are generally only able to assist in cases of user error if the payment is made from a personal account (rather than a business account). 

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Any advice does not take into account your personal needs, financial circumstances or objectives and you should consider whether it is appropriate for you.

ANZ recommends you read the applicable Terms and Conditions and the ANZ Financial Services Guide (PDF) before acquiring the product.

PayID and PayTo are registered trademarks of NPP Australia Limited.

More information on PayID® can be found at

Eligible accounts and payments only – sending and receiving account must be capable of processing faster payments. Technical interruptions may occur and some payments may be delayed e.g. for security screening.


To be eligible to use a PayID for a PayTo agreement, the account must be eligible to send and receive NPP payments. PayTo is only available if offered by the relevant Payee. Technical interruptions may occur.