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Free ANZ home loan check-in

Things change and your home loan needs can too. An ANZ home loan check-in could help you find ways to fine-tune your home loan so it continues to meet your needs.

A home loan check-in chat only takes 15 minutes, with no prep or paperwork. 

Request a home loan check-in

Book your 15-minute home loan check-in chat

A home loan check-in might help you find ways to

Get more certainty or flexibility

Consider a change to fixed, variable or split rate options.

Reduce your repayments

Review your interest options, consolidate debts or reduce your repayment amount if you're ahead.

Pay off your home sooner

Save money and pay less interest by linking an offset account to applicable home loans.

Access funds now

Unlock your equity, apply for additional lending, or access extra repayments through redraw.

Or it could give your some reassurance that your current home loan is set up in a way which continues to suit your situation.

Your 15-minute home loan check-in is as simple as 1-2-3

You won't need to prepare anything in advance of your Home Loan Check-In call with an ANZ Home Loan Specialist.

We'll ask what's important to you about your loan

  • Do you want flexibility or certainty?
  • Do you want access to available funds now or do you want to pay off your home loan faster?
  • Do you want to buy, sell, invest or renovate soon?

We'll review your current home loan

  • How much are you paying?
  • How frequent are your repayments?
  • How long until your home loan's paid off?
  • How much equity have you got and how can you access it?

We'll suggest personalised options

  • If you have an ANZ home loan, we'll share practical changes you can consider making so it continues to meet your needs
  • If you have a home loan with another lender, switching to ANZ could better suit your needs or save you money 
  • Or we might find your home loan is already set up in a way which continues to suit your situation

We're here to help you work out if your home loan meets your current needs. There is absolutely no obligation to take further steps after the Home Loan Check-In.

Angela Sibley's home loan check-in experience

“We found it great we could ask all our questions, and they were all answered, and that we had the information and help we needed so that our home loan is working in a way that better suits our needs. It was a great tailored conversation.” 

Angela is an ANZ Home Loan Customer, Home Loan Check-In Ambassador and creator of blog 'Ever So Homely'

Frequently asked questions

No. Not for the home loan check-in conversation where we chat about your home loan and identify options you may wish to consider. But, if you want to make changes to your loan, you may need to complete some paperwork that needs to be signed by all parties on the loan.

Absolutely not. We will review your home loan situation and offer some personalised options. This could include suggestions on ways to change your home loan setup, or your loan may already be set up in a way that meets your current needs. Either way, there is no obligation to change anything if you don’t want to.

Yes. We welcome the opportunity to understand your current home loan situation and see if ANZ can offer something even better suited to you. We may need some extra details from you to help facilitate the conversation.

There is absolutely no paperwork for you to complete during the home loan check-in for an ANZ home loan. At the end of the conversation, the home loan specialist will provide you with a home loan check-in summary to capture the details of the conversation. If you choose to make changes to your home loan, there may be paperwork to complete and sign.

Yes, contact your nearest branch to make an appointment. You can also do a home loan check-in on a phone or video call, or by booking to meet with a Mobile Lender in person in a socially distanced way.

We recognise people's circumstances and goals change over time. So we're encouraging home owners to check in with us to identify if your loan continues to be set up in a way that meets your current needs, or if it could benefit from some fine-tuning. This is not a sales meeting  - we won't be asking if you want fries with that!

Ways to start your ANZ home loan check-in today

Request a home loan check-in

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Book an appointment at your local branch or ANZ Home Centre (excluding Vic)

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Mon-Fri 8.00am to 8.00pm (AEST)

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An ANZ Home Loan Check-In is a discussion about your home loan and other goals you may be considering. ANZ is not giving you recommendations or advice. The Check-In is based on limited information and won’t take into account all your financial situation, needs and objectives.

Before making any changes to your home loan, carefully consider all relevant information, including benefits, costs and risks. Sometimes making changes may end up costing you more.

Terms, conditions, fees, charges, and credit approvals and eligibility criteria apply to ANZ home loans.


ANZ Mobile Lenders operate as an independently operated ANZ Mortgage Solutions franchise of Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited (ANZ) ABN 11 005 357 522. Australian Credit Licence Number 234527.