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Your home loan checklist

Here's a home loan application checklist for your reference. We don't need every single one of these documents, but have provided options wherever possible to make things easier for you.

Personal identification

You'll need at least two forms of identification, one of which is:

  • Photo ID (such as your driver's licence or passport)

Don't have any of the above?

That's okay, simply provide two of the following original documents:

  • Birth or citizenship certificate
  • Centrelink pension card
  • Medicare card
  • Utilities bill (less than three months old)
  • Rates notice (less than three months old)
  • Tax assessment notice (less than 12 months old)

The information on this page does not apply to ANZ Plus products

About your income

Full time/Part time

If your salary has not been paid directly to your ANZ account for the last 3 months please provide either:

  • A recent payslip (no older than 60 days) with a year to date (YTD) figure covering at least 3 months' continuous employment.
  • OR if the year to date is less than 3 months, two consecutive payslips (no older than 60 days)


If your salary has not been paid directly to your ANZ account for the last 6 months please provide either:

  • A recent payslip (no older than 60 days) with a year to date (YTD) figure covering at least 6 months' continuous employment.
  • OR if the year to date is less than 6 months in addition to the recent payslip you will need to supply ATO Income Statement, or tax return and corresponding ATO Notice of Assessment, or PAYG summary, or a payslip from a prior pay period.

Note: Additional documents may be required once ANZ has reviewed your enquiry.


Self employed

If you're self-employed you will need:

  • 1 year individual tax return (not older than 22 ½ months) and accompanying ATO notice of assessment
  • AND 1 year business tax return, profit and loss statement and balance sheet (not older than 22 ½ months)
  • OR if you receive regular wages from your company please provide ATO Income statement showing at least 6 months income via MyGov/ATO portal and one recent payslip (no older than 60 days).

Rental income

If you also have rental income, please provide the following:

  • Existing signed lease agreement (excluding private lease agreement)
  • Bank statements confirming rental credits for the last 3 months
  • Tax return with rental incomedisclaimer included

Other income

  • If you have any foreign income, superannuation/pension/annuity or government income sources, please bring along evidence of that income (generally last 3 months)
  • If you have interest or dividend income, please bring evidence confirming both the current balance of that asset and the income earned (generally income earned in the last 12 months).

About your expenses

We will be asking you some detailed questions about your everyday living expenses. This will include questions about your basic spending such as food, utilities, household costs and clothing as well as other types of spending such as private schooling, pet care, child care or any investment property expenses. We will also ask you about any foreseeable changes to your expenses.

To help you prepare, we would recommend you complete our expenses tool. It should take around 10-15 minutes to complete and will help more accurately calculate the costs that make up your lifestyle.

Otherwise, to help ensure you are able to provide us with accurate information during the interview, we recommend you review and calculate your monthly spending. A good way to do this is by reviewing your transactions, your bills or any budgeting tools that you may use. We also note that most banking apps have a spend summary function which categorises your transactions and this may be a quick and easy way for you to calculate your spending.

Ongoing rental expenses

If you are going to continue renting after you have bought a home, and that rent has not been paid from your ANZ account for the last 3 months, please provide the following:

  • The last 3 months of bank statements showing rental payments being made by you
  • OR current formal lease agreement (a private lease agreement is not acceptable)

Other financial information

Listing your other assets and liabilities will help us determine your capacity to repay the loan.

Your assets

Recent evidence of your assets if not held with ANZ (e.g savings, term deposits, shares etc.)

Your liabilities

Free credit report

To help capture your existing financial liabilities as part of the Home loan application, you have the option to obtain a free credit report through illion Credit Reportdisclaimer, that should list all your loans and credit cards that are currently active.

Access illion Credit Report

Home loan statements are generally not required. There are some exceptions and your lender will let you know if this is the case.

Where home loan statements are required, they must show the following:

  • Bank/financial institutional stationery (logo/ABN)
  • Account number
  • Account name/ownership of debt
  • Balance and repayments

You can use downloaded PDF statements or transaction history from internet banking as long as they have the above information.


If you want to refinance your home or investment loan and you're not with ANZ, you will need:

  • Current balance of any loans to be refinanced including pay-out costdisclaimer.
  • Home loan statements are generally not required. There are some exceptions and your lender will let you know if this is the case.

Property details

You'll need to provide us with some information about the property you're buying or building. We won't need this for approval in principledisclaimer, but it will be required before we can finalise your offer.

If you're buying

  • Signed contract of sale

If you're building, we'll also need:

  • Council approved building plans, specifications or building permit
  • Fixed Price Builders Contract

Insurance documents

Please bring any documents that can provide information about your current insurance policies, including:

  • Home and contents insurance
  • Investment property insurance
  • Income protection
  • Life insurance
  • Total and permanent disablement cover
  • Trauma cover

Depending on your situation, you may be required to have home insurance before settlement happens. Find out about how ANZ can help you protect your home and contents

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The information on this page does not take into account your personal needs and financial circumstances and you should consider whether it is appropriate for you and read the relevant terms and conditionsProduct Disclosure Statement and the ANZ Financial Services Guide (PDF) before acquiring any product. 

Applications for credit subject to approval. Terms and conditions available on application. Fees and charges apply. Australian credit licence number 234527.

Tax related documents must relate to last tax year.


Accessing your consumer credit report is free and is provided by external bureau provider illion Data Registries Pty Ltd.  Please note, there is no cost to you to order this credit report and no credit enquiry footprint left on your credit file (or impact on your credit rating), to access this service. ANZ takes no responsibility for the completeness or accuracy of this service.


Payout quotes are subject to change and must be confirmed on the day of settlement.


ANZ may provide pre-approval (also known as approval in principle or conditional approval) to eligible customers who apply for an ANZ home loan and complete an application form and satisfy any other applicable requirements. Pre-approval is an approval for a loan subject to conditions being met, including that security is satisfactory to ANZ. Australian Credit Licence Number 234527.


ANZ Mobile Lenders operate as an independently operated ANZ Mortgage Solutions franchise of Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited (ANZ) ABN 11 005 357 522. Australian Credit Licence Number 234527.