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Tips and guides on saving money

Get some helpful money saving tips here. With tips on how to set saving goals, how to save for a house deposit, and everything in between.


Saving money for a house

When you are saving money for a house deposit, every little tactic helps. Here are some money saving tips to help you buy your first home sooner.


Set a savings goal

No matter how big or small, your saving goal will not feel so far away if you know exactly how much you need to save and how you are tracking. 


Tips on how to save money

Want to get closer to your savings goals?  Read on for some handy tips on saving money which could help you start saving today.


Tips to achieve your financial goals

Need money for something big? If you keep your eyes on the prize, you are more likely to achieve your financial goals.



How to hide money (from yourself)

When it comes to saving money, you can be your own worst enemy. Hiding money from yourself can help you with saving money and hitting your savings goals faster. 


The psychology of saving money

Is there science behind saving? Can we program our brains to spend less and save more money? Learn more about money and psychology.


'Tis the season for saving money

Hands up who has emerged from silly seasons past with a huge (financial) hangover? Most of us have all been there. This year, see if you can get through the holidays without sabotaging your savings and maybe save some money for a change.



The spare change challenge

A plink in a jar. An alert on your smartphone. Collecting loose change and saving money is a veritable symphony of satisfying sounds. Why not give this  money saving challenge a go.



Grow your savings in the new year

Entering the new year can be a good time to replace bad spending habits with good saving habits and save more money. Pick up some tips on how to grow your savings.


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