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Unclaimed money

If you're searching for your unclaimed money, there are some things you should know.

What is Unclaimed Money?

Bank accounts become unclaimed after seven years if the account is inactive. This may occur when you do not deposit or withdraw money from a bank account for a period of seven years or more. The payment of fees or the receipt of interest is not considered to be withdrawal or deposit. Exemptions for particular account types do apply.  

When there has been no activity for seven years on an account, these unclaimed accounts are closed in line with Australian Government Legislation. ANZ will notify you (based on address information held) that the account will be closed if you do not take steps to reactivate the account.

Unclaimed bank accounts with a balance greater than $500 will be transferred to the unclaimed monies fund held by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). ASIC maintains the details of unclaimed monies transferred from all financial institutions. 

Prior to contacting ANZ, you must conduct a search via the ASIC website to see if they are holding any unclaimed funds on your behalf. A free search of unclaimed money records held by ASIC can be completed through the MoneySmart website.

If you believe ANZ has sent your unclaimed monies to ASIC, ANZ can assist to make a claim to recover unclaimed balances. Please note, this process can take up to three months.

How do I do it?

Once you have established via the ASIC website that there are funds in your name, follow the below process.

The claims process

If you found your name on ASIC's unclaimed money search, then you would also have seen a unique Original Transaction Number (OTN) relating to your claim. Please note down your OTN. You will need your OTN to make a claim with ANZ.

Claiming my money

Individual claimants and registered companies

Print and complete the Request for Refund of Unclaimed Monies Form (PDF).

You must provide two current forms of Identification, one of which must include photo identification. Each identification document presented must have Name, Date of Birth clearly noted. All documents produced must be certified by an authorised certifier.

You must provide current associated and proof of current Directors/Partners/Authorised Signatories of Company/Incorporation. All documents produced must be certified by an authorised certifier.

If you are claiming on behalf of a de-registered company, please refer directly to ASIC for assistance via

You must also provide sufficient proof of account ownership; such as copy of Bank Statement or connection to the address relating to the account such as council rates. All documents produced must be certified by an authorised certifier.

Claiming for deceased estates

You must complete all ANZ requirements regarding Deceased Estates prior to making a claim on Unclaimed Monies 

Please refer to the Deceased Estates page for details of documents required by the ANZ Deceased Estates team.

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