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Our ESG policies and practices

Integrating ESG and purpose into our strategy has created an opportunity for us to better serve our customers and generate long-term shareholder value.

Our ESG policies and practices support us in achieving our strategy and focus on responding to our most material ESG risks and opportunities.

How we operate

Ethical standards of behaviour

Our employee Code of Conduct describes how we work at ANZ. It's a guide to apply our values in our everyday actions and sets the expected standards of behaviour from all employees and contractors to be ethical and professional. 

More about our code of conduct and ethics

Effective governance structure

We have a dedicated Board Ethics, Environment, Social and Governance Committee, and an Executive Ethics and Responsible Business Committee. They oversee the bank's ESG performance and most material ESG risks and opportunities.

More about our governance framework

Focus on managing risk

Our robust risk policies and procedures help to identify, evaluate, monitor, control and report on material risk. Together, with our values, they support the delivery of responsible, ethical and sustainable business outcomes.

More about our risk management

Responsible business lending

We seek to assess and manage the social and environmental impacts of our lending decisions through the application of our Social and Environmental Risk Policy (the Policy) and accompanying ‘sensitive sector’ requirements.

More on responsible business lending

Equator Principles

As a signatory since 2006, we have integrated the Equator Principles into our policies and processes, as required by the Equator Principles Association. The Equator Principles is a risk management framework for determining, assessing and managing social and environmental risks in major infrastructure projects.

More on Equator Principles

Sustainable procurement

We manage the social and environmental impact of our procurement decisions and work in partnership to influence the performance of our supply chain.

More on sustainable procurement

Dispute Resolution Principles and Model Litigant Guidelines

The Dispute Resolution Principles set out the principles that we - and our representatives - will adopt when managing individual retail and small business customer complaints, disputes and litigation in Australia. The principles incorporate our model litigant guidelines.

Dispute resolution principles (PDF 295.kB)

ANZ's Animal Welfare Principles

ANZ is a proud supporter of Australian agriculture, with over 180 years of history in providing banking services to the sector. The Animal Welfare Principles were developed in line with ANZ’s approach to managing lending risk.

ANZ's Animal Welfare Principles (PDF 121kB)

Stakeholder engagement

One of the ways we create long-term value and deliver on our business strategy is through a collaborative approach to building relationships with stakeholders. 

Our stakeholder engagement policy applies to all employees and seeks to maintain a structured approach to engagement with external stakeholders. 

Our engagement processes are designed to ensure that stakeholders have direct access to us, allowing us to respond to issues and effectively take stakeholder concerns into consideration when making ongoing and long-term strategic decisions.

Stakeholder engagement policy summary (PDF 737kB)

Political and public policy advocacy

We seek to contribute constructively to public policy formation and understand the perspectives of our community's elected representatives, policy makers and regulators. Focus areas include business, economic, social and environmental, and we work in a collaborative and open way as members of associations that have similar interests and approaches to ours.

We are also a member of a number of industry associations that contribute to public policy debate and formation including Australian Bankers' Association, New Zealand Banking Association, the Business Council of Australia, Business New Zealand, the United Nations Environment Program Finance Initiative and various banking and financial services associations throughout the region.

ANZ aims to assist the democratic process in Australia by attending and participating in paid events hosted by the major federal political parties. Events may include speeches, political functions and policy dialogue forums.  ANZ discloses these contributions annually to the Australian Electoral Commission and in our annual reporting.

ANZ employees and contingent workers must not lobby, communicate or undertake related activities on behalf of foreign governments or their controlled entities. This includes activities where ANZ could make or could be considered to have arranged to represent the interests of a foreign government, or an entity that is controlled by a foreign government.

ANZ Political Donations 2015 - 2023 (PDF 79kB)












ANZ's 2023 Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) Supplement

This report provides detailed information on ANZ's focus on bringing our purpose to life through helping tackle significant societal challenges that are core to our business strategy and matter to society.

2023 ESG Supplement (PDF 5.3MB)