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Employee wellbeing and engagement

We provide an environment that enables our employees to participate fully in the workplace and perform at their best. We believe that the safety, security, physical and mental wellbeing of our people lies at the heart of our company’s success.

An engaged workforce will help us to meet external challenges and achieve our business strategy.



We're committed to the safety, security and wellbeing of our people. To do this, we have policies and programs that specifically look after our people and set them up for success.

Our Wellbeing and Safety Policy outlines our commitment to ensure that the way in which we conduct our operations does not put the health, safety and wellbeing of any person at risk.

ANZ has implemented a Wellbeing and Safety Management System (WSMS) to identify, evaluate and control factors that may affect the health, safety, security and wellbeing of employees, customers, contractors, visitors and members of the public.

ANZ’s WSMS is aligned and consistent with key principles of health and safety specified in ISO 45001. Our system is continuously improved and regularly audited by external, certified auditors.

ANZ's wellbeing strategy addresses four dimensions; physical, mental, social and financial wellbeing for our employee workforce. All of our program offerings are tailored to cover topics related to these dimensions.

Our Employee Assistance Program is a confidential counselling service available to all ANZ employees. The service provides professional guidance and support with work or personal problems such as trauma, bereavement, mental health, relationship difficulties or dealing with change.

All employees are required to complete mandatory online wellbeing and safety training as part of our ‘ANZ Essentials’ (Risk Accreditation Framework). Training programs include: mental health awareness, emergency preparedness, being safe in your workspace, manual handling, managing hazards and incident management.

We also offer regular bespoke wellbeing webinars on topics that are relevant to our organisational needs.



Our employee engagement surveys and other employee listening strategies are an opportunity for employees to provide feedback and insights on our purpose, behaviours, values and culture; and their experience working at ANZ. We publicly report the results of our employee engagement survey and initiatives  to improve engagement in our annual ESG reporting.

Our commitment is to provide employees with terms and conditions of employment that are fair and reasonable, and in line with our Human Rights Standards and organisational values.

The employment conditions of our employees in many locations are derived from industrial instruments and agreements negotiated with employees and unions, along with our human resources policies.

If local laws prohibit us from applying our standards, we will comply with domestic law while striving to apply the spirit of the particular commitment within our business.

We believe in investing in the growth of our people. We do this by equipping our people with not only technical job ready skills but also the transferable skills and a continuous learning mindset that will enable them to access a range of career options at ANZ and beyond.

We recognise that in an increasingly busy world, we need to offer our employees a range of formal and informal ways from which to learn, develop and grow.

These include:

  • Knowledge, skill and competency-based training (classroom/online)
  • Bite-sized digital learning
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Tertiary education for core banking disciplines
  • Industry accreditation and continuing professional development
  • Technical/tool/platform certifications
  • Projects/secondments/assignments and other ‘on-the-job’ experiences
  • Peer to peer coaching
  • Social collaboration and knowledge sharing
  • Library of online research, tools and articles

We employ cutting edge learning technologies to deliver relevant learning at point of need.

We also develop programs in partnership with leading institutions/experts that focus on building strategic capabilities in the areas of Leadership; Customer Focus; Data; Digital; Go-To Market and Innovation; Process Optimisation and Technology.

We offer our people a range of development opportunities throughout their careers with us. By hiring people who are keen to revitalise their skillsets in new roles, we draw on their ANZ experience and give them a secure and stimulating development path to achieve their aspirations and potential.

We also have world class talent management programs that accelerate the development of target high potentials, equipping them with the business critical skills and experience to support and lead our super regional goals.



ANZ's 2023 Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) Supplement

This report provides detailed information on ANZ's focus on bringing our purpose to life through helping tackle significant societal challenges that are core to our business strategy and matter to society.

2023 ESG Supplement (PDF 5.3MB)

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