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Travelling overseas with your credit card

If you're planning to travel overseas, it's good to be prepared for any unexpected situations that may affect you financially. We've put together some helpful tips for looking after your credit cards and to help you stay money-smart during your travels.


Let us know before you go

If you’re travelling overseas, we highly recommend you let us know before you travel. This helps us anticipate an increase in overseas purchases and avoid any unnecessary blocks on your card during this period.  If your notify us online and your plans change, you can update your travel details online too.  

Let us know

Helpful credit card travel tips

Take more than one card

Depending on your circumstances, you may wish to consider taking additional ANZ cards, like an ANZ Access Visa Debit card. This can also help when using ATMs that don’t let you choose between transaction accounts and credit accounts to withdraw money, which may lead to additional transaction fees being incurred on your accounts. This will also mean you have a backup payment option in case of loss or theft.

Choose the right overseas ATM

Make sure the symbols on the ATM correspond with your card so you can access the account you want.

For access to:

  • Visa credit and debit cards: use Visa Plus ATMs
  • Savings* accounts on ANZ Access cards: use Maestro and Cirrus enabled ATMs.

Search for Visa ATMs worldwide.

Know your overseas fees/charges

If you make purchases overseas with your ANZ credit card, you may have to pay an overseas transaction fee. You may also have to pay a cash advance fee and an ATM operator fee if you use an overseas ATM. Other fees may also be applicable. For full details, please refer to the ANZ Personal Banking Account Fees and Charges (PDF) booklet and ANZ Credit Cards Condition of Use (PDF) booklet, available online and in ANZ branches in Australia.

Before you leave Australia

Get a pin for your credit card

If you haven't already, make sure you get a PIN as merchants in some countries don't accept signatures to authorise transactions on a credit card. You can set a PIN for your eligible card using the ANZ App.

How to set a PIN

Set up automatic payments

If you’re away for a long time, it may be worth setting up automatic payments to your credit card account. Not only is it convenient, but it also ensures that your monthly ANZ credit card payment is paid on time and can help avoid unintended late payment fees. You can do so by setting up a future payment on ANZ Internet Banking or by setting up a CardPay Direct facility.

CardPay Direct Set up a future payment

Check card expiry dates

Check the expiry date on all of your cards that you are taking with you to ensure they will not expire while you are away. If you need a replacement card, or want to apply for a different credit card, log on to Internet Banking or contact us.

How to view card details

Set yourself up

Remember to set up your ANZ Internet Banking, ANZ App and ANZ Phone Banking before you go, so that you can access your ANZ accounts while travelling. If you're already set up and your CRN is your card number, we recommend changing over to a 9 digit CRN so that in the event your card is lost or stolen, you will still have access to your ANZ accounts.

Get started online

What to do with a lost or stolen card abroad

Temporarily block your card

ANZ App users have the ability to temporarily block your card. This action will stop anyone from using your card until it turns up or you report it to us as lost or stolen. 

How to temporarily block a card

And the beauty is, you can unblock your card in the ANZ App if you find it again.

Report your card as lost or stolen

Please report lost or stolen cards immediately. We’re available 24/7. 

Report using the ANZ app Call +61 3 8699 6955

Want to avoid international call costs? You'll need to contact the local operator in the country you’re in from a landline and request a reverse charge call to the above number.

The information set out above is general in nature and has been prepared without taking into account your objectives financial situation or needs.  By providing this information ANZ does not intend to provide any financial advice or other advice or recommendations.  You should seek independent financial, legal, tax and other relevant advice having regard to your particular circumstances.