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Renters' contents insurance

Published 9 October 2018 

Thieves, fires and accidents will strike renters as easily as homeowners.

So if you’re renting, it’s your responsibility to make sure your personal contents are insured. 

Is there such a thing as renters contents insurance and what is it?

Yes there is – but it’s not necessarily called that. Contents insurance for renters is pretty much the same as contents insurance for homeowners but is specifically for people living in rented properties. 

ANZ Home Insurance offers the same great contents insurance regardless of whether you own the place you live in. Contents cover in ANZ Home Insurance covers household goods and personal affects that you personally own and are not fixed or fitted to buildings. When you take out contents cover, you need to nominate the replacement value of your contents in today’s prices; this is called the ‘sum insured’. The sum insured that you nominate is the maximum that your insurer will pay.

How is it different to contents insurance for a homeowner?

The contents cover in ANZ Home Insurance is designed to protect your belongings, whether you’re a renter or a homeowner.

Why would a renter need insurance?

For the same reason a homeowner needs contents insurance – if something happens and your belongings are damaged or destroyed, you want to be able to replace them quickly without it being a financial burden.

When you’re renting a property, you’re just as susceptible as a homeowner to potential threats such as theft, fire, water or electrical damage. Your landlord’s insurance will not cover your personal belongings. It is your responsibility to ensure that your personal belongings are adequately insured.

Let’s say you’re uninsured and renting an apartment and a pipe breaks somewhere in the building. Your apartment gets flooded while you’re at work and your rugs, furniture and books are damaged or ruined. Your landlord will be covered by their building insurance and/or strata insurance for damage to their property, but your belongings won’t be covered.

What is covered by contents cover in ANZ Home Insurance?

ANZ Home Insurance is designed to suit the way you live – with optional cover for items away from home and accidental damage. So, whether you drop your laptop or a ball accidentally hits your TV, you can rest assured that you can get it covered.

What is covered by ANZ Contents Insurance?
What’s covered? Examples

New-for-old contents replacement, regardless of age.disclaimer

If your 15-year-old TV is stolen, the cost of replacement is covered for an equivalent new TV with similar features.

Flood, bushfire and other natural eventsdisclaimer (automatically included in your policy).

If the home you live in is destroyed by fire along with your furniture and personal belongings, your personal belongings will be covered up to the sum insured in your policy and under the terms of your policy.

Accidental glass breakage, theft and vandalism.disclaimer

If your property is broken into and your laptops and mobile phones are stolen, these items are covered.

Electrical motor burnout and power surge – eg. if either of these cause your air conditioner to break down.disclaimer

If lightning causes a power surge which fuses your five-year-old plasma TV. The cost of a replacement will be covered.

Optional benefits for ANZ Contents Insurance
Optional benefits Examples

Accidental loss or damage at home (contents).disclaimerdisclaimer

If you accidentally lose a ring (if it’s under the value of $3,000) or break an ornament while at home cleaning your house, it will be covered.

Cover of contents including laptops and mobile phones away from home, anywhere in the worlddisclaimer.

If you’re traveling in Europe and your bag containing your mobile phone, camera and $250 cash is stolen, the cost of replacement is covered.
If you’re travelling in Australia and accidentally lose or damage your belongings, you will be covered to the value of the sum insured of your policy.

Specified valuables cover, for special items that exceed $3,000.

If your house is broken into and a necklace and watch which are worth more than $3,000 each are stolen, you will be covered so long as these items have been listed as ‘specified valuables’ on your policy. If they haven’t been specified then they will still be covered but only up to $3,000 each.

Contents cover in ANZ Home Insurance covers much more as a standard inclusion, such as your guests’ or visitors’ belongings to the value of $7,500. Find out the details of this included coverage, and more. Read the product disclosure statement for the full list of all insured events and exclusions.

Make sure you have the right insurance

Even if you’re just renting for a short time, don’t run the risk of losing belongings you’ve worked hard for. So here’s a quick checklist for making sure you’ve got the right insurance:

  • Work out the value of your contents.
  • Review your insurance policy to see if your ‘sum insured’ is enough.
  • Review what is covered in your policy and decide if you’re satisfied that your needs are met, and risks are covered.
  • Also consider optional benefits, such as accident damage and away-from-home cover.
  • If you need a new policy or to update what you have, consider that ANZ Home Insurance is comprehensive and CHOICE® has recommended ANZ Home Insurance as the best overall performer since 2015.
  • Read our most frequently asked questions about home and contents insurance.
  • Access the ANZ Home Insurance Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) (PDF 1.3MB).

Find out more about ANZ Contents Insurance

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An item may be repaired or replaced, or the cost of repair or replacement may be paid to you.


Unless the event occurs within 48 hours of the start date of your policy.


This will not be covered if the property is unoccupied for more than 120 consecutive days.


We do not cover the cost to repair or replace an electric motor if it is older than 15 years old. Electric motors are covered if under 15 years old.


We won't cover damage caused by an event excluded under any section of the policy. For example, we won’t cover loss when you can't establish the cause or loss or damage to sporting equipment while it is being used.


Cover away from home: Your contents are covered away from home anywhere in Australia and New Zealand for up to 120 consecutive days if the damage or loss occurs as a result of an event we have agreed to cover. Your contents are covered away from home outside Australia and New Zealand for up to 120 consecutive days and up to 25% of the sum insured or $15,000, whichever is the lesser, if the damage or loss occurs as a result of an event we have agreed to cover. This does not apply if you have chosen the option to remove cover away from home. Please refer to the ANZ Home Insurance Product Disclosure Statement (PDF 548kB) for full details.