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Ezicover Life Insurance

While we can't predict what's around the corner, Ezicover Life Insurance can give you added peace of mind knowing life cover can help look after your loved ones if you were to pass away or become terminally ill. Plus, with the first month's premium complimentary, it's an easy way to protect the people you live for.

Our partnership with Zurich

ANZ has partnered with Zurich who is one of Australia's largest and most experienced life insurers. Visit Zurich for more information and to get a quote today. 


How to get a quote

Why choose Ezicover?

Choose your own amount

Apply for a lump sum payment from $50,000 and up to $1.5 million depending on your age.

This means you only pay for what you need based on your personal circumstances.

Money when it's needed

With the Cash Advance Benefit, your beneficiaries can receive a fast-tracked advance payment of $15,000 of your Death benefit to help with urgent expenses like funeral costs.

Savings and discounts

Get the first month's premium free for all applicants, plus a 10% multi-policy discount on a second life insurance policy.


Other benefits

  • Discounts for paying annually – you'll receive a 5.7% discount if you pay your premiums annually.
  • Cover anywhere, any time – you're covered 24/7, anywhere in the world.
  • Get covered immediately if your application is accepted, with any waiting periods and exclusions that may apply per the Ezicover Life Insurance Product Disclosure Statement (PDF) or your policy document.

What's covered?

  • Ezicover Life Insurance provides a lump sum payment when you die.
  • The Terminal Illness benefit provides your full lump sum payment amount if you're diagnosed with a terminal illness and have less than 12 months to live.

What's not covered?

Zurich won't pay a claim where:

  • your death is as a result of suicide within 13 months of the start date of the cover, any increase in cover (but only in respect of the increase) or the latest reinstatement of the policy
  • your death or terminal illness is as a result of an excluded condition at any time. (Zurich will consider and agree to any additional excluded conditions with you before your cover begins, and the exclusion will be shown on your policy schedule.)
  • you fail to provide any information that may affect the decision to insure you and Zurich has a right to void your policy.

Further information

Please read the Ezicover Life Insurance Product Disclosure Statement (PDF) for further information, including a full list of exclusions. A copy of the Target Market Determination (PDF) for the product is available here.

Getting a quote from Zurich

By continuing through to Zurich you agree that you have read and understood ANZ's Privacy Policy which tells you how your personal information will be handled.

Who can apply?

You can apply for Zurich Ezicover Life Insurance if:

  • you are between 19 and 69 years old inclusive
  • you are currently living in and receiving the PDS in Australia, and are either an Australian citizen, or an Australian Permanent Resident

Before taking out any type of insurance, it's important to make sure you have the financial capacity to pay premiums. Once you receive a quote, consider if it fits into your budget and that premiums will generally increase each year as you get older.

Continue to to get a quote

If you proceed to take out an Ezicover product, your information will be collected in accordance with Zurich's Privacy Statement and you give Zurich permission to share some information with us. This is to ensure we don't send you direct marketing about life insurance in future. The information will include:

  • Name
  • Post code
  • Policy number and product type
  • Email address


Get a quote online

Do you have ANZ Life Insurance?

We no longer offer this insurance product to new customers. However, if you're an existing ANZ Life Insurance customer you can still make a claim or check out ANZ Life Insurance Product Disclosure Statement and Policy Document (PDS dated 1 June 2019) (PDF) for product information.

This PDS only applies to polices purchased after June 1st 2019.

Need to make an ANZ Life Insurance claim now?

If you have ANZ Life Insurance and want to make a claim or ask a question about your policy, please call 13 16 14 weekdays 9am to 5pm (AEST).

Who needs life insurance?

Sorting out life insurance can seem tricky, but it doesn't have to be. Life insurance offers peace of mind knowing it can help look after your loved ones if you pass away or become terminally ill.

Life insurance could be a good idea for many Aussies. This type of cover may be suitable if you're a…

  • Partner or about to get married
  • Business owner with staff
  • Parent or about to become one
  • Home owner or taking out a mortgage

Life insurance explained

Did you know life insurance refers to a category of insurance as well as a specific product?

To help you get clarity – here's a quick breakdown…

  • Life insurance can provide a lump sum payment if you die or are diagnosed as terminally ill. Commitments like your mortgage, school fees for the kids and other debts can be covered under life insurance. Add these responsibilities up as a starting point for how much cover you may need here.
  • Critical Illness is also known as Trauma Insurance. This can provide a lump sum payment if you suffer a serious medical issue like a severe injury,  cancer or a heart attack. 
  • Income protection offers up to 70% of your income if you can't work due to a serious illness or injury. This replaces your income while you're off work by providing a monthly benefit payment. Add up your monthly household expenses to get an idea of how much cover you may need.
  • And Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) is cover if you're unable to ever work again as a result of illness or injury. The amount of cover needed may be similar to the life insurance amount.

Life insurance FAQs

Frequently asked questions

Life insurance provides you and your loved ones with a lump sum amount in the event you are diagnosed with a terminal illness or you die. It's also known as term life insurance or death cover. Other types of life insurance – such as income protection, trauma, and total and permanent disability (TPD) – also come under the life insurance cover umbrella but they cover different types of events.

If you have financial dependents, a mortgage to pay off or debts to clear, holding a life insurance policy can be a worthwhile part of your financial protection plans. You may think you're too young for life insurance or that life insurance costs too much, but when you think about the real cost of not having it, you may find it's something you don't want to do without.

Yes, some insurers do allow you to have a joint or 'multi-life' policy. It's usually taken out by spouses or partners, and allows for different amounts of cover for each partner. Generally, insurers will require you to nominate your partner or spouse as the beneficiary. 

This depends on your personal circumstances and what stage of life you're at. A general rule of thumb is to have enough insurance to ensure your loved ones can maintain their same standard of living if you pass away. When calculating the amount, consider what you already have with regard to super, savings, and assets such as shares. Then calculate what your family needs in terms of covering the mortgage or any other loans, school fees and general living expenses.

Unfortunately, research by Rice Warner found there is a severe underinsurance gap where, in many cases, a person's life cover was too low to meet their family's basic needs. There are many online insurance calculators that can help determine how much you need, such as this one on MoneySmart's website.

The cost of life insurance in Australia is determined by your health, whether you're a smoker, age, occupation, and the amount of cover you want. Usually life cover costs more for men. One way you can reduce your premiums is to quit smoking. Also, if you no longer have children as dependants, you may not need the amount of life cover you initially took out. If you feel you are paying too much, you should consider shopping around to see if you can get a better deal.

A rough guide to what's a reasonable amount for life insurance is six to ten times the amount of annual salary. If you multiply by ten, if your salary is $50,000 per year, you could opt for $500,000 in coverage. Commitments like mortgage, school fees and other debts can be covered under this insurance type. Add these up as a starting point for how much cover you may need here.

People who run their own business usually have more financial commitments to consider, which means they have more to protect. As a business owner staff wages and rent would still need to be paid should you become terminally ill or pass away. Or their may be debts on the business loan that need to be covered. Life insurance is a good way to get peace of mind for business owners.

When reviewing life insurance quotes, it's important to check the amount of cover is right for you, if the premiums fit within your budget and ensure you've read the Product Disclosure Statement and understand the terms and conditions within the policy. It's also important to be entirely truthful when getting a quote for cover, as the insurer may knock back a claim if things like pre-existing conditions or smokers' status aren't disclosed.

No – payments for life insurance, critical illness and Total & Permanent Disability insurances aren't tax deductible. However, premiums paid for income protection insurance is usually tax deductible.

When making a life insurance claim, you will need certified copies of the death certificate. Make sure the funeral director has certified the document before beginning to claim to avoid delays.

Then contact the insurance company and they will explain their process for filing a claim.

In most cases, yes! However, most life insurance policies have a qualifying period which means you can't claim immediately.

There are a couple of steps to take to cancel a life insurance policy. Firstly, the person covered by the policy needs to contact their insurer informing them of the decision to cancel. Then the request must be made in writing, some insurers may need a particular form filled out. Submit all the relevant paperwork and the insurer will confirm once the policy is cancelled.

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Life insurance FAQs

Read our commonly asked questions about life insurance.

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