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Income protection guides

Get to know the basics of income protection insurance, its benefits, what you can get cover for, why it matters and how to make the most of it.



Track your spending and stay on top of your money

Feeling anxious about your finances and want to manage money better? Smart habits, saving tips and strategies can help.



Future-proof your earning power

Focusing on skills and personal finances will go some way to preserving your income in the years ahead.



Is income protection worth it?

Can you cope without your income? You should consider protecting it. Learn more about why income protection insurance is important. 



Income protection insurance FAQs

See the frequently asked questions about income protection including cover length, waiting periods, exclusions and costs.



Seven benefits of income protection insurance

Learn about the benefits of an income protection policy, what the protection offers, how you can use it, and tax considerations.



Does my insurance cover me for redundancy?

Some policies include cover for involuntary redundancy. Understand your options, who can be insured, cover amounts, and more.



How do I make an income protection claim?

This step-by-step guide takes you through the process of making a claim, what paperwork you’ll need, and what extra support is available.



Income protection insurance for the self-employed FAQs

Learn about income protection options for the self-employed including income considerations, policy options, their benefits, and more.



Reducing financial stress: How one couple coped when kidney failure struck

Money can be a painful distraction when illness hits a family hard - that's what income protection insurance is for. 



Is income protection tax deductible?

Find out how the costs directly related to you being able to earn an income are allowable as a tax deduction.


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