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Saving on a budget

Create a simple, efficient budget and savings plan to help you set money aside for the things that are important to you.


Be better prepared for
unexpected life events

Put away regular savings
toward your goals

(eg. home, car, holiday)

Create a seamless system
using auto transfers

Creating a simple system

A popular way to budget is by using pots or accounts to clearly define your income, expenses and savings. Here's how it could work:

first pot

Your first pot is for your everyday expenses like petrol, coffee, entertainment and groceries.

first pot

Your second pot can be for large bills. Bills you can plan for like car registration, rent or mortgage, as well as utilities. 

first pot

Your third pot can be for your savings and, depending on your savings goals, you may have more than one savings pot. 

The ANZ Budget Planner can help you work these out. Before creating new accounts, think about the features you'll need and any fees and charges that may apply.

Simple as 1-2-3



Work out your budget

Identify your income and expenses and get an idea of what your budget could look like. Once you have these amounts, you can divide up your money and see how much you could save. 

It may be helpful to set up:

  • automatic transfers between your accounts each time you get paid
  • direct debits with your bill providers eg. electricity and power

This means your bills can get paid on time and with little effort on your part. 

Budget planner

Budget planner

Break down your spending patterns to see how much you could be saving regularly.


Set up your accounts

Set up your accounts according to how you'd like to divide your money. Before creating new accounts, think about the features you'll need and any fees and charges that may apply.

Consider how you usually pay for your:

  • everyday expenses like coffee or groceries
  • regular bills like electricity and water

You may like to have bills coming from a different account to your everyday expenses. 

compare savings accounts

Explore ANZ accounts

Check out our ANZ savings accounts to see the benefits and features available to you.


See how much you can save

If you find you have extra cash, you can start your savings plan. Some tips to doing this successfully are:

  • Set a clear savings goal and purpose like a holiday or a new home
  • Decide how much you are going to put away each pay and try to stick with it

It may be helpful to have a dedicated account that earns interest to accumulate your savings and see it grow. 

Budget planner

Savings calculator

See how much you'll need to put away to reach your goal and how long it could take.

A small change can make a big difference

It's amazing to see how much you could save just by changing a little habit.

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Want help building your financial skills? 

The MoneyMinded program is an award-winning financial education course we developed to help people build their financial skills, knowledge and confidence.

Whether you're looking to create a budget, reduce your debt or start saving, there's something for you.

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