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Switch your banking to ANZ

We've taken the hassle out of switching your everyday banking and credit cards to ANZ.

Switching your account

Once you've opened your new ANZ account, you'll be able to move your regular payments across. This includes both outgoing payments, like your direct debits for phone bills and gym memberships, and incoming payments such as rental income and tax repayments. 

Switching options

We offer two options for you to switch your regular payments.

Online Switching Tool

For personal and business customers:

 Bank accounts

 Debit cards

Credit cards

Assisted Switching Service

For personal customers:

 Bank accounts

Ensure you have sufficient funds to cover any regular payments in both your existing account and your new ANZ account until these businesses have confirmed that the payments have been transferred to your new ANZ account.

Online Switching Tool

The online switching option is a self-service tool. You'll need to complete an online form, which will automatically generate a suite of letters for you to send to your employer and your regular billers. These letters notify the businesses of your new bank account details. 

You can use the Online Switching Tool to switch regular payments from your previous bank account, debit or credit card to your new ANZ account.

Follow these simple steps to switch your regular payments to your ANZ account or card.

Step 1

Start by having the following information handy:

 Your new and previous  bank account details. 

 A list of all your regular payments. How do I get this?

Step 2

Choose the type of account you want to switch from the options below, and complete the online form.

Step 3

Print and check the letters, then sign and send them to the businesses you pay and receive payments from.

Step 4

Do the same for switching regular payments from your previous debit or credit card to your new ANZ debit or credit card.

Start switching now

Choose the type of account you want to switch to and complete the online form.

Personal customers

ANZ bank accounts, debit cards and credit cards.

Business customers

ANZ bank accounts, credit cards and debit cards.

Assisted Switching Service 

Need help switching? If you’re a personal customer with a bank account, follow these steps and we can help switch over your regular payments.

Step 1

Download, complete and sign the Switch of Regular Payment and Notice of Variation form (PDF 168kB). You can also request the form from your nearest ANZ branch.

Step 2

On the form, select your preference to either:

  • Give ANZ the authority to switch all your regular payments from your old account over to your ANZ account. This will be quicker. OR
  • Request a list of your regular payments. You can then select specific regular payments you’d like us to switch.

Step 3

Submit your completed form to us by either: 


 Mail: ANZ Customer Services, 5/833 Collins Street, Melbourne, Victoria, 3008

 Fax: 1800 032 901

 Branch: Visit an ANZ branch

What happens next? 

Depending on which option you choose in step 2, here's what will happen once you've submitted your form.

Option 1: ANZ to switch your payments

We’ll contact your previous bank to get a list of your regular payments from the past 13 months.

With your instructions and regular payment list on hand, we will be able to get in touch with these businesses (phone company, electricity provider, your employer, share registry etc.) requesting them to update the payment with your ANZ bank account details. 

Option 2: You select specific payments to switch

You will receive a 13 month listing of all your regular payments. Select which ones to switch over to ANZ and submit this to us through one of the options in step 3 above. We will then contact those businesses on your behalf.

Business banking customer?

Please use our Online Switching Tool or contact us on 1800 801 485

Any advice does not take into account your personal needs and financial circumstances and you should consider whether it is appropriate for you. ANZ recommends you read the Terms and Conditions and Product Disclosure Statement, which are available at or by calling 13 13 14, before deciding whether to acquire, or continue to hold, the product.