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My first Visa Debit card

Your first Visa Debit card’s exciting, and it can be a bit confusing too. When it comes to your money it’s simply about being smart without mucking up. So get informed – and get sorted.

What’s a Visa Debit Card?



This contains your personal information. The chip technology makes it extremely difficult to counterfeit or copy – so helps protect against fraud.

This 16-digit number is unique to your card, and is different from your bank account number. You'll need your card number when you shop online.

Raised tactile indicators help the user orientate and identify cards.

“Valid from” is the month/year your debit card was issued. 06/14 means that the card was issued in June 2014. 

“Until end” is the month/year your debit card expires. 05/18 means it expires at the end of May 2018. It won’t work after that date. A new card is automatically issued before this date, so remember to let ANZ know if you change addresses. 

Your name appears here. It matches the name on your bank account.

You can use your card to pay in participating stores, online, overseas or by phone - wherever the Visa symbol is shown or mentioned.

Wherever you see this symbol, you can tap your card at the terminal to make a purchase. If you spend up to the contactless limit, you won’t need to enter your PIN.

High-visibility leading edges that help identify the correct way to insert cards into ATMs and EFTPOS terminals.

Keep this ANZ phone number somewhere handy. If your card’s lost or stolen, call us immediately.

This helps ATMs and other swipe machines identify your card.

Sign your debit card as soon as you receive it. It’s a very important step to help prevent fraud. If you need to sign when you buy something, your signature should match the signature on this panel.

This 3-dimensional appearance is an added feature on your ANZ Visa Debit card to protect the card from fraud.

This logo helps you identify ATMs worldwide that accept your card. (An especially handy way of knowing which ATMs to use when you’re abroad - fees applydisclaimer).

This 3-digit number is unique to your card. You may need it for shopping online or over the phone. It helps to verify your card. The CVV is sometimes also called the card verification code (CVC) or card security code (CSC).

This is the phone number to contact ANZ if you are overseas.

Larger font to help identify cards more easily.

How does it work?

With a Visa Debit card you can pay for things using money from your transaction account, without having to carry too much cash around.

Shop anywhere that accepts Visa - in shops, online, over the phone, in Australia and overseas. You can also use it to get cash at an ATM or ANZ branch.disclaimer

How you use your card depends on where you’re using it.

In shops which offer the  contactless payment method, you can make purchases up to the contactless limit without entering your PIN. For purchases over the contactless limit, you will need to enter your PIN or sign to complete the transaction. 

In shops which do not offer the contactless payment method, swipe or insert your card (depending on the type of machine). You’ll need to enter your PIN or sign to complete the transaction.

Online or by phone, you’ll need your 16-digit card number, expiry date, and usually the three-digit CVV number on the back.

At ATMs in Australia to get cash, check your account balance, change your PIN or deposit cash and at ATMs overseas to get cash in local currency.

Withdraw cash from your account at retailers where EFTPOS cash-out facilities are available.

With some kinds of card readers and at ATMs, you’ll be prompted to choose between Cheque (or eftpos CHQ), Savings (or eftpos SAV) and Credit (or Visa Debit). It’s confusing! 

You can access your money by pressing either Credit or Savings/Cheque. If you're not sure, here's what we suggest.

  • In a shop, to buy something – press Credit (or Visa Debit)
  • In a shop, to take cash out - press Savings (or eftpos SAV) / Cheque (or eftpos CHQ)
  • At an ATM in Australia – press Credit
  • At an overseas ATM – press Credit

Some shops charge extra when you press Credit (You can check if they do this by asking staff or watching out for a sign, which is often close to the reader). In these shops, pressing savings could avoid the charge.

If your payment is declined on a reader that prompts you to choose and you know you have cash available, try again. Maybe you pressed the wrong button.

Remember - even when you press the Credit button, you’re not actually using a credit card. It’s just the way the system’s set up. With Visa Debit you always use money that’s in your account, no matter what button you press.

How do I keep track of my money?

Managing your account carefully can help avoid costly mistakes. Try these tips to keep the good times rolling!

Regularly checking your balance is a great habit - you’ll never be in for a shock! Easily keep track of what you’ve spent by checking your balance or transaction history with ANZ Internet Banking or the ANZ App.

You can see even more information about your purchases in the ANZ App so that you can recognise them at a glance. Tap on a transaction to see the business name, logo, location on a map and even their contact details where available.

If you notice something that doesn’t look right (like a payment you don’t think you made) let us know straight away. We’ll help straighten things out.

Your Visa Debit card isn’t a credit card. You can only use it to spend the money that’s in your account. If you try and buy something or get cash from an ATM that you haven’t got the money for, you’ll usually get a 'declined' message.

Very rarely, a transaction might go through that leaves your account with less than zero money, or overdrawn. This can happen accidentally, for example with automatic transfers or if a shop doesn’t check with us before they accept your payment. Call us on 13 13 14 if this happens - we’ll work together with you.

There’s no monthly account service fee on your ANZ Access Advantage account if you’re under 25disclaimer (normally $5) - and there’s no additional cost to have Visa Debit with that account either.

Sometimes other fees and charges might affect you. Find out more by reading about our Fees and Charges (PDF 112kB).

Is it safe?

When it comes to money and your personal data, you always need to keep alert. Here are some ways to help keep your banking safe.

You can report your card as lost or stolen with the ANZ App. Tap on the account, then tap Manage, then Manage Card, and follow the prompts. We'll get it sorted.

If you don't have the ANZ App you can call us 24/7 on 1800 033 844 in Australia, or +61 3 8699 6955 from overseas (it's a reverse charge call). We'll immediately block the card to stop anyone who shouldn't from using it. It's really important to call us straight away.

No! Always keep security information like passwords and PINs secret. Remember, ANZ will never ask you to tell your PIN to an ANZ staff member.

Cover your PIN when using ATMs or paying in shops, and cover your security details when you use ANZ Internet Banking or your ANZ App in public.

Buying online is usually safe. You can make it safer by choosing where you buy from and only using secure, trusted sites.

Only give your details over the phone if you’ve arranged to buy something and you’re sure who you’re talking to. Be wary of people who ring and ask for details over the phone - if they’ve called you, how can you be sure they are who they say?

Phishing is when a stranger emails you asking for personal or banking details. They may even try and trick you by pretending to be someone like your bank. Their goal is to get your details and then rip you off - so don’t click any links or reply, just delete the email. Remember ANZ will never ask for your bank or login details by email.

We’re on the case with ways to help protect you against fraud and keep your banking secure.

ANZ Falcon  keeps watch on your transactions. If we notice unusual activity on your card (like unexpected overseas spend or unusually large amounts), we'll try and contact you to check everything’s OK.

With the ANZ Fraud Money Back Guarantee you're not liable for any fraudulent transactions on your ANZ card, as long as you didn’t contribute to the loss and you told us about it promptly.

With ANZ’s Internet Banking Guarantee, you'll be paid back for any unauthorised ANZ Internet Banking or ANZ App transactions, as long as you’ve complied with the Electronic Banking Conditions of Use. (These conditions are in the Savings and Transaction Products Terms and Conditions (PDF 746kB) - you can get them from any branch, by calling 13 13 14 or at

Eligibility criteria apply to the issue of ANZ Access Visa Debit card.

Any advice does not take into account your personal needs and financial circumstances and you should consider whether it is appropriate for you. ANZ recommends you read the ANZ Saving & Transaction Products Terms and Conditions (PDF) and the Financial Services Guide (PDF) which are available at or by calling 13 13 14 before deciding whether to acquire, or continue to hold, the product. Fees, charges and eligibility criteria apply.

Falcon® is a registered trademark of Fair Isaac Corporation.

Overseas transaction fees, overseas ATM transaction fees and non-ANZ operator fees may apply to foreign currency transactions where an ANZ Access Visa Debit card is accepted. Please refer to ANZ Personal Banking Account Fees and Charges (PDF 112kB) for fees and charges that apply.


On application for the waive by an eligible customer, the monthly account service fee will be waived on one nominated ANZ Access Advantage account. For more informatiom on Exemptions and Concessions please refer to ANZ Personal Banking Account Fees and Charges (PDF)