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One of our strategic priorities is to deliver a purpose and values-led transformation of the bank.

Our values

Our values mean whatever situation we’re in, we care about our customers, our colleagues and how our actions contribute to the community. We care about:

  • Integrity
  • Collaboration
  • Accountability
  • Respect
  • Excellence

Our culture

Our aspirational culture incorporates our purpose, values, Code of Conduct and ‘winning behaviours’ to ensure we are continuously improving and adapting for our customers. We strive to be:

Customer centred

We are human, open and authentic; we use technology and data and combine it with empathy to strengthen relationships and create solutions for customers; we care about our customers, our colleagues and the community, and speak up if we see the need for change.

Always learning

We are curious and believe we can all keep learning and growing; we try stuff out and are not afraid to fail; we value what we learn as well as what we achieve; we use data to help us improve.

Making things simple

We are guided daily by our purpose and values; we try to simplify everything we do; we create clear boundaries and the freedom to act within them; we focus on outcomes, not process or hierarchy.


Our Code of Conduct (Code) and supporting policies set the expected standards of behaviour linked to our values. All employees and contractors are required to complete training, reinforcing the importance of our values and Code, within two months of commencement and then on an annual basis. The training seeks a declaration of compliance with the Code - by completing the course, participants confirm they understand the Code’s principles and have complied with them over the last 12 months.

Every employee is responsible for assisting in the prevention, detection and reporting of conduct that is inconsistent with our values and Code and policies. Our Whistleblower Policy ensures that all employees, contractors and external auditors can raise concerns regarding actual or suspected contraventions of our ethical and legal standards freely and without fear of repercussions.

Where there is evidence that someone may have breached our Code and policies, we investigate and, where such allegations are substantiated, take appropriate disciplinary action. This includes formal warnings, dismissal and, where relevant for more senior employees, bonuses being reduced.

We publicly report on breaches of the Code and reports under our Whistleblower Policy in our annual ESG Reporting.