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International money transfer

Sending money overseas is fast, easy and secure with an ANZ International Money Transfer.

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Light up Diwali with ANZ and we will cover the overseas bank fees

ANZ has a new ongoing offer where we will cover the overseas bank fee if you send Indian Rupee to India via ANZ Internet Banking or ANZ Phone Banking.

The total payment cost is the Foreign Exchange rate applied to the payment and the ANZ International Money Transfer fee:

  • ANZ International Money Transfer fee of $9 will apply if you send less than AUD$10,000 in Indian Rupee to India
  • ANZ International Money Transfer fee of $0 will apply if you send AUD$10,000 or greater in Indian Rupee to India

Additional fees may apply if using an ANZ Credit Card. The beneficiary's bank may charge the beneficiary a fee for receipt of payment.
Offer effective 2nd September 2019

Best way to transfer money overseas from Australia with ANZ

Send money overseas securely

Send money overseas via ANZ Internet Banking and you'll get the security of ANZ Fraud Money Back Guaranteedisclaimer and the ANZ Shield app

Save on correspondent banking fees

ANZ will absorb the correspondent bank fee for transfers sent in a foreign currency via ANZ Internet Banking and ANZ Phone Banking for the following currency and country:

  •  Indian Rupee to India

Get it there quickly

Transfer your money electronically from your ANZ account to the overseas account, usually within 2 working days (or even sooner).

Choose from many countries and currencies

You can send money to over 99 countries around the world.disclaimer Transfer in a foreign currency for lower fees and lock in your conversion rate for peace of mind.

View today’s currency exchange rates

ANZ International Money Transfer fees


Transactions less than $10,000
(AUD equivalent)

Transactions $10,000 and over
(AUD equivalent)

Phone Banking

1800 352 535 
(International callers +613 9683 9999)
8am - 8pm AEST, Monday to Friday
(excluding national holidays)

$9 if sent in foreign currency from an AUD account

$32 if sent in AUD from an AUD account

$32 if sent from a foreign currency account

$0 if sent in foreign currency from an AUD account

$32 if sent in AUD from an AUD account

$32 if sent from a foreign currency account

Internet Banking / Internet Banking for Business

$9 if sent in foreign currency from an AUD account

$18 if sent in AUD from an AUD account


$0 if sent in foreign currency from an AUD account

$18 if sent in AUD from an AUD account

Payments to Fiji, Samoa, Vanuatu, Kiribati, Tonga, Solomon Islands, Cook Islands, Timor Leste, French Polynesia, Guam, New Caledonia and Papua New Guinea


$0 if sent in foreign currency from an AUD account

$7 if sent in AUD from an AUD account

$7 if sent from a foreign currency account


Did you know?

ANZ processes International Money Transfers through its worldwide network of correspondent banking partners. Correspondent or intermediary banks may charge additional fees and will generally deduct these fees from the total value of the payment. To help you better understand the range of correspondent banking fees that could apply to certain International Money Transfers, ANZ has put together a reference guide. Please view the reference guide below.


Destination Country

Payment Currency

Estimated Correspondent Banking Fee when sending an international payment from Australia



CAD10 - CAD25






FJD10 - FJD15



EUR15 - EUR100



EUR12.5 - EUR100



EUR12.5 - EUR100

Great Britain


GBP6 - GBP15

Hong Kong


HKD65 - HDK255



EUR15 - EUR100



INR200 - INR500






EUR10 - EUR100



JPY2500, or 0.05% of payment value






EUR12.5 - EUR17.5

New Zealand


NZD15 - NZD27

Papua New Guinea


PGK15 - PGK40






SGD10 - SGD20

South Africa


ZAR152 - ZAR713

South Korea









United States







The correspondent banking fees set out above are indicative only. No reliance should be placed on these fees in determining the total cost for sending an international payment. These fees may change at any time without notice and are subject to a number of factors including the value of the international payment made and whether the payment is sent in the local currency of the destination country. At your request, ANZ will use best endeavours to obtain, within ten working days, details of the fees you were charged by the correspondent and/or intermediary bank that was used to send your payment. ANZ recommends that you read your relevant account terms and conditions and the International Money Transfer Terms and Conditions (where you use Internet Banking, Internet Banking for Business or Phone Banking).


If your company makes foreign currency payments of $100,000 p.a. (AUD equivalent) and over and you would like to manage your Foreign Exchange Risk, we can set you up with ANZ FX Online and a dedicated foreign exchange dealer. Please contact ANZ Markets on 1800 640 574 in Australia (Monday to Friday 8.00am-8.00pm AEST).

How to make an ANZ International Money Transfer

How to send money overseas

ANZ Internet Banking: look for 'International Services' in the 'Payments' menu. You can use your ANZ transaction account or ANZ credit carddisclaimer. Add our ANZ Shield security app for extra security and access to higher payment limits, available 24/7.

ANZ Phone Banking: use your ANZ transaction account by calling 1800 352 535 in Australia (Monday to Friday 8.00am to 7.30pm AEST).

Not an ANZ customer? Find out how to apply.

What details to provide

You’ll need to be an ANZ customer to make an ANZ International Money Transfer. You’ll also need to tell us the:

  • Currency and amountdisclaimer you'd like to send
  • Full name, address and account number of the person you're sending the money to
  • Full bank name, address and SWIFT/BIC (Bank Identifier Code) or Branch Number (some countries accept this) of the receiver's bank
  • IBAN (for payments to Europe and selected other countries) or Routing Number (for payments to the US)

Need help?

If you have any questions about ANZ International Money Transfers, or if you need help through the process, contact our dedicated International Payments Support Centre on 1800 681 683 or +613 8646 8923 if you're outside Australia (call costs apply), weekdays 8.00am to 7.00pm (AEST). For manual International Money Transfers, please complete the International Money Transfer Request Form.

You can also refer to our FAQs, use our currency converter or check today's currency exchange rates. Find out how to make an International Money Transfer using ANZ Internet Banking.

Receiving money from overseas

To receive an international money transfer, you'll need to provide the sender with:

  • Your ANZ branch name and address
  • Your account name and full account number
  • The ANZ SWIFT code, which is ANZBAU3M

If you're getting an international bank cheque or draft, you can also deposit it into your ANZ account. But if it's in a foreign currency, it may take longer to process as it will need to be returned to the country of origin for clearing. If you need assistance, contact our dedicated International Payments Support Centre on 1800 681 683 or +613 8646 8923 if you're outside Australia (call costs apply), weekdays 8.00am to 7.00pm (AEST). 

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Any advice does not take into account your personal needs and financial circumstances and you should consider whether it is appropriate for you. ANZ recommends you read the ANZ Savings and Transaction Product Terms and Conditions (PDF 408kB), International Money Transfer Terms and ConditionsInternational Draft Terms and Conditions (PDF 70kB) and the Financial Services Guide (PDF 104kB) which are available at or by calling 13 13 14, before deciding whether to acquire, or continue to hold, the product. Fees, charges and eligibility criteria apply.

True as at 3rd October 2016.

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Additional fees and charges may apply if using an ANZ Credit Card for an International Money Transfer, for a cancellation or enquiry or should the beneficiary bank return the International Money Transfer.  The correspondent bank may also charge a fee when making the payment to the beneficiary’s account.

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Daily International Money Transfer limits for ANZ Internet Banking and Internet Banking for Business are the same as your Pay Anyone limits. No daily International Money Transfer limit applies if using ANZ Phone Banking.

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