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Set a savings goal

Sipping drinks on a tropical beach? Buying your own home? Saving for a rainy day? Whatever your goals are, with this step of the ANZ Financial Wellbeing Program, we're here to help you get there.



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Set a savings goal

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Crunch the numbers

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1. Set your savings goal

use a picture to visualize your goals in the ANZ app

So, what are you saving for? 

Budget – tick. Now when it comes to saving, how you approach your goals plays a big part in helping you reach them. And the best way to get a goal to work for you is to make it SMART. So they should be:

Specific – What exactly do you want? And why do you want it? If a big goal doesn’t sync with what you truly want in life, you’ll have a hard time reaching it.

Measurable – Exactly how much money do you need for your new car? Set a target you can measure your progress against as you’ll need to know where the finish line is.

Achievable – Is your goal one you can actually reach? For example, could you earn the $700,000 you’ll need for a new Ferrari within the next 10 years?

Realistic – A goal may be achievable but not realistic. Perhaps you could save $30,000 for a car in one year, but is it realistic when you’ve also got a mortgage? Maybe not.

Timely –  When do you want a new car by? Setting a specific time frame places you under (good) pressure to consistently work towards your goal.

Don't forget to grab a pen or open up a new note in your phone and jot down your SMART goal. You can also find out how to set a goal in the ANZ App here


Give yourself a little cushion

Did you know that approximately 22% of Australians have no savings? If you want to have an account ready for when an unexpected expense rears its head, you could transform a vague rainy day goal into a SMART goal by setting yourself an initial target. You might aim to have, say a $1,000 in savings as an emergency cushion and continue building your rainy day fund alongside your other goals.

2. Crunch the numbers

Let our Savings Calculator do the work for you 

You know what you’re saving for. Now let’s calculate how much you need to save – and how long it’s really going to take you to get there.

Nice. You're one step closer to your goals.

Remember if you see it, you can save for it. So how about rethinking those generic account names and renaming them to match your goals? ‘Home sweet home’. ‘Dollar dollar bills y’all’. ‘Do not touch account’. You’re on your way – have fun with it.

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Pro tip

If you use your phone for most purchases, try changing your lock screen to a picture of your savings goal as a reminder before you splurge. Almond latte... or trip to Fiji?

3. Boost your savings

Stop, swap and save

Grow your savings by putting the little things into perspective with our Savings Booster Calculator. Whether you can swap to a cheaper brand or ditch something entirely, see what you could be saving in a flash.

Your micro-savings can have a big impact on your goals over time. Make a list of the things you can stop entirely – like that subscription you never use –  and see how much you’d save. Then put that cash towards your bigger goals. Can you think of four things you can cut out now?

Boost my savings

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Swap barista coffees
Swap 2 x barista coffees per week

For DIY coffees
For 2 x D.I.Y coffees per week

Means an extra treat per year
Means 1 x extra treat per year

4. Track your goal

Watch your progress

Actively saving towards your goals not only demonstrates good financial wellbeing, but ensures you’re able to achieve what you set out to do. Tracking your progress can help you stay motivated. It can help get you back on board when unexpected spending detours derail your plans.

How you track your goal is up to you. Maybe it’s a bullet journal or the classic fundraising thermometer, or maybe it’s an app. You might even be able to set, view and track your goals directly from your current banking app. Check with your bank, or if you’re an ANZ customer with an eligible ANZ savings account, try the new set a goal feature within the ANZ App. It lets you name your goal, add a picture and include a savings amount, so you can track it as you go.

Get the ANZ App



You shoot, you score! Well done on setting your savings goal.

Keep the wins coming by exploring the rest of the steps below, but don’t forget that managing debt is key to hitting that savings goal.

What's next?

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