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Tips and recipes for a cheap and cheerful Christmas

Financial Wellbeing Coach

2022-12-06 00:00

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  • Learn how to curate a simple yet tasty menu
  • Tips to become a savvy chef
  • Get 4 sumptuous Christmas recipes

As the festive season nears – and the carols begin to play – no doubt, you’ll start to think about what you’ll serve up on Christmas Day (and how to budget for it!).

So, we’ve put it to TikTok star and ANZ Customer Service Manager, Adrian Hume (aka @posspantry), to help curate a simple yet tasty menu that won’t break the bank.

But first, here’s Adrian’s tips to help you become a savvy chef this festive season.

1. Look at what’s in your pantry first

    Adrian’s biggest tip is to look through your own pantry for ingredients before planning (and buying) your Christmas meal.

    “I’ll usually suss out what I’ve got in my pantry first and see if there’s anything I can possibly use,” Adrian says. “I always try to make things that don’t require a lot of ingredients – just salt, pepper, and olive oil.”

2. Use foods that are cheap or feed a number of people

    When it comes to feeding multiple mouths at Christmas, one of the best ways to keep costs down is to buy foods – including cuts of meat or vegetables - that are cheap or can feed a large number of people.

    “Food is expensive,” Adrian says. “I’d say go and work out what food is currently cheap – there’s so many things you can cook without breaking the bank. Potatoes are a bargain; you can get a bag and make a massive amount of food for low cost. For Christmas, I have a roast potato recipe with duck fat that’s always a goodie. It’s low cost and they look the part as well.”

    “Something else that is quite affordable is pork belly,” Adrian says. “I usually cook it at Christmas and it’s really easy to do – it’s just a few steps that you have to prep in advance and then chuck it in the oven. It works every time. You can usually get a big pork belly for under $20 that’ll feed 4-5 people.”

3. Buy canned food

    If you’ve watched any of Adrian’s foodie videos, you’ll notice how delish his pasta dishes look. But you might be surprised to know he uses tinned food, such as tomatoes or beans, on the regular.

    “Be careful buying stuff that’s going to go off quickly,” Adrian says. “You want to avoid super perishable things and don’t be scared to used canned stuff. I use canned tomatoes, chickpeas and beans all the time. And you can get a can of tomatoes for $2.”

4. Use your garden

    There’s something special about using your own produce to cook up a storm – and it’s also something that can save you money, too. Adrian suggests planting a crop of anything you might use regularly, such as herbs.

    “One of the biggest money-wasters is buying herbs to use in a recipe and then throwing out the rest,” Adrian says. “For Christmas, I’ll need parsley, rosemary, thyme, - so why not grow a few plants, you’ll save so much money and in the long term especially, it’s more sustainable. I am going to do that soon!”

Download @posspantry’s top four Christmas recipes by clicking ‘Download now’ button below:

Poss pantry recipes

Tips and recipes for a cheap and cheerful Christmas
Financial Wellbeing Coach

Cook up a savvy Christmas meal with TikTok star @posspantry

Take the stress out of Christmas cooking with these cheap and easy meals from TikTok chef @posspantry.

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