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Save Smarter

How I learnt to manage money after becoming a teenage YouTube sensation

YouTuber, Gamer and NBA2K Superstar

2023-03-23 00:00

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  • How to keep committed to your savings
  • Resources from your bank that can help with money management
  • Spend smarter and think before you purchase

With almost 200k followers on YouTube, gamer and NBA 2K superstar Angus Hartmann, aka Killzamoi, went from teenager to crowd favourite almost overnight.

And with sponsorship deals knocking, he had to learn how to manage money – and quickly. So how did he do it? And what would he tell his younger self about figuring it all out?

As a teenager, my YouTube channel ‘went viral’ basically overnight. I’d lived streamed myself playing and talking about basketball for 72 hours, and people actually tuned in. And as a result, I landed my dream job as a professional NBA 2K gamer – something I’m lucky enough to still call a job today.

But the thing about being your own boss is that it’s on you – and only you – to make, manage and save your money. Not something I had much of a background in.

I also had to convince people to take me seriously and prove that I could make a living off gaming. Luckily my parents were super supportive – and the sceptics pushed me to work harder.

I’ve had to figure out money in both my physical and online life. I know that sounds funny, but as a professional gamer, budgeting for in-game expenses – like purchasing new players – is part of the job.

So, here’s how I learnt to spend and save.

Play smart

As a kid, I definitely wasn’t the best saver. I spent all my money on my gaming set up – and while that’s paid off, at the time, I didn’t know it would.

Now, I’m super thankful for the purchases younger me made. I have everything I need to do my job. And it’s taught me that if you’re going to buy something – whatever it is – make sure it’s a smart purchase. Everyone’s definition of what that means will be different – but if it serves an actual purpose to you, in your personal or professional life, you’re probably on the right track.

Keep on grinding

When I was 16, I told myself I would never drive a car until I owned one - and that really drove me to save. Pun intended.

I had a savings account which definitely helped – and because I was saving, I was trying not to buy things I didn’t need. I was also transferring money from my everyday account into a savings account where I couldn’t see the total – out of sight, out of mind.

As a teenager, that took a lot of discipline. But when I was 20, I was able to purchase a car myself – and then I learnt to drive.

My philosophy was, and still is – if you’re going to achieve your goal, you’ve got to set boundaries that will actually make you work towards it. They don’t have to be as big as a car or as strict as not driving, but they do have to work for you.

“My advice to my younger self? Keep on grinding, keep it up. It’s harder than you think but it’s going to pan out one day.”

Shoot for the stars

There’s certainly been some dumb things I’ve spent money on in the past that I just didn’t need. About two years ago I was making a bit of money from creating on YouTube - I saw my money total go up, which made me spend more and save less.

But now I’m actively trying to be savvier and keep hold of more money. There are big things I want in the future, like a house, so I’m definitely looking to save more this year – which I’ll do by using similar tactics, like opening a savings account where I can transfer part of my pay to.  

Ask for help

And finally, being a creator, one thing I have learnt is that if you don’t know the answer, ask. I’m pretty fortunate – whenever I’m unsure about a business decision or something to do with money I can turn to my parents or my online mates for help.

But there are also so many other resources nowadays – from advisers to banks and online information – that can give you a better understanding of things like saving, spending and business. You’ve just got to ask (or look) for it.

How I learnt to manage money after becoming a teenage YouTube sensation
Angus Hartmann (aka Killzamoi)
YouTuber, Gamer and NBA2K Superstar

How professional gamer Killzamoi learnt to manage money

From teenager to online sensation – professional gamer Killzamoi shares his money tips.

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