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How to plan (and budget) a homegrown holiday

Financial Wellbeing Coach

2020-10-21 00:00

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  • 4 holiday ideas that won't break the bank
  • Ways to do a budget-friendly getaway
  • How to plan your spending for more holiday cash

Girt by sea and surrounded by nature, our local Australian backyard is full of sweet getaway spots and local havens.

On the outskirts (or inside) of most cities in Australia is an incredible range of natural beauty, and you’re only ever a road trip away from the country’s most iconic escapes.

So if you’ve been pining for the open road or the salty ocean air, this is for you. You don’t have to travel far to plan a much-deserved holiday – or reach too deep into your wallet. Here are four ways to plan a local escape, without breaking the bank:

1. Camp (or glamp)

The cheapest and most adventurous type of holidays are often the ones closest to the ground… That’s right – hammer in those tent poles or pull up your van and voila, nature at your doorstep. There is a surprising abundance of free campsites in every state in Australia, and the more popular spots are still affordable.

The wilderness isn’t your cup of tea? Luckily, many of our beaches and main tourist routes have glamping or cabin options for those who are a little faint of heart. 

2. Have a one-night stay

You don’t have to stay long to get to know a place and still feel like you’ve had a break. Why not keep your accommodation booking to just one night, but spend two full days exploring. That way, your budget can stretch a little further – put the money you’ve saved on that second night towards a few meals out, a nicer room or an activity that requires a little investment.

3. Share an Airbnb with friends  

If you’ve been wanting to get away, but can’t see yourself affording a nice beach shack all on your own, call up your friends or another close family. Splitting the cost of a nice holiday home (and all the groceries inside it) is a great way to lower the total cost of your holiday. And after an extended time of very little human contact, you’re essentially ticking two boxes at once.

4. Put the ‘day’ in holiday  

Wake up before sunrise (free). Make a stove-top coffee (kind of free). Drive out to the nearest beach at dawn (also free). Dip your toes in the ocean (free…zing). Sometimes, a day out in nature is all you need to feel refreshed, and it doesn’t have to cost a thing. Wander around your local national park, or walk along the shoreline for a few hours – wind in your hair, and cash in your wallet.

If all else fails, get lost in your own city. Be a tourist for a day. Your neighbourhood is probably girt with interesting sights you haven’t seen yet…

How to plan (and budget) a homegrown holiday
Financial Wellbeing Coach

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