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5 easy lunchbox recipes for $12 and under

Financial Wellbeing Coach

2023-05-09 00:00

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  • Meal prep for success
  • Budget tips for low cost meals
  • 5 cheap lunchbox recipes

For workdays when a five-star bento box isn't in your wheelhouse, it's good to have a few cheap (and healthy) lunch ideas up your sleeve.

We’re thinking more than just tinned tuna and rice (which we love on a health kick, by the way). To save you on time and money, we’ve come up with 5 easy lunch recipes for work with the help of TikTok star and ANZ Customer Service Manager, Adrian Hume (aka @posspantry).

But before you get started in the kitchen, here’s 3 things to keep in mind:

1. Meal prep for success

    Nothing sets you up for a good (and cheaper) week than meal prepping on a weekend. How? Well, if you’ve already got your meals planned and your lunchbox packed, you’re less likely to buy food when you head into work.

    Budget tip: Cook a bulk batch of food and pop some in the freezer for later! For more foodie inspiration, check out our 5 recipes to get you through the week.

2. Use whatever’s in your fridge

    Whether you’re making our delicious egg cups or a tasty wrap – see what’s in your fridge (or cupboard) before buying new ingredients. From leftover veggies to that can of tinned beetroot you’ve never opened, don’t be afraid to get creative!

    Budget tip: Make a list of all the ingredients you need and order them online, so you can budget accordingly. This will also make you far less likely to give in to snack aisle cravings that send costs soaring. You’ll find more ways to save in 2023 in this article.

3. Keep it simple

    Sometimes less really is more – including when it comes to lunch! Try one of our simple yet tasty salad recipes from Adrian (aka Poss Pantry), or make a little extra at dinner time so you have leftovers for lunch the next day. And if you have kids with sophisticated taste buds, why not make enough for their lunches too. Less work, more lunch.

    Budget tip: Visit your local food market for fresh produce. It typically lasts longer and can help you save on your grocery shop too.

Spruce up your work lunchbox with these recipes. Click the 'download now' button.

5 easy lunchbox recipes for $12 and under
Financial Wellbeing Coach

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