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Supporting our community

We take pride in our programs that help build vibrant, sustainable rural communities and contribute to the prosperity of regional Australia.

ANZ Seeds of Renewal

Helping to build vibrant and sustainable rural communities

ANZ Seeds of Renewal is a grants program designed to help build vibrant, sustainable rural communities and ensure the ongoing prosperity of regional Australia. Since 2003, the program has provided more than $5 million to support more than 800 community groups.

Who can apply?

We invite applications from not-for-profit, community based organisations (with an ABN or Incorporation Certificate), including social enterprises, who will deliver projects with a demonstrable medium to long term benefit to a regional community of 15,000 people or less. In 2020, applications were encouraged from communities impacted by the 2019-2020 bushfires.

How do I apply?

Grants are administered by the Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal (FRRR) and applications are accepted on an annual basis. Applications for the 2024 Program closes at 5pm AEST Thursday 1 August 2024.

To apply for a grant, visit the FRRR website to access the guidelines and application form.

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Seeds of Renewal 20th Anniversary Video – Transcript

Ifrin Fittock: SisterWorks is a not-for-profit social enterprise supporting migrant refugee asylum seeker women in their journey towards social economic participation here in their new country - Australia.

We received the Seeds of Renewal grant in 2020 and that grant allowed us to expand to Bendigo, which means our sisters in Bendigo are able to join in the production of our products and earn an income.

Jenefer Stewart: 
Seeds of Renewal is a small grants program that aims to help build vibrant and sustainable communities to ensure the ongoing prosperity of regional Australia.

Over the lifetime of the Seeds of Renewal program, we are really proud to have donated over $5.5 million in funds to more than 800 community organisations. This year we're celebrating a key milestone with the program now in its 20th year.

What's wonderful to know is that many of the programs that we have been able to support are still running and impactful today.

Debbie Bailey: So, in 2006, we were successful in receiving a Seeds of Renewal grant and were so excited. We were able to use the funds to develop a training program for people who had mental health challenges. We've now been able to expand it into an eight-week program where people come in, they use our service to build their pre-employment skills, regain some confidence, and then actually go and do work experience and ultimately get into full time employment.

Jenefer Stewart: We understand that small communities face unique challenges in terms of access to services and community facilities. Programs like Seeds of Renewal aim to support these communities by funding projects that address some of those challenges. We have continued to evolve the program to support programs in regional Australia that line up with our organisational purpose being financial wellbeing, access to housing and environmental sustainability.

Susan Hobbs: Woodend CFA received the Seeds of Renewal Grant in the 2021 year, and we got the funding to contribute towards developing a fire-resistant garden in our front yard, in front of the station. We would like to thank the FRRR and ANZ for the grant that they provided without it we wouldn't have been able to put in such a wonderful garden that we use for community education.

Natalie Egleton: So, when I think back to the early days of the ANZ Seeds of Renewal partnership with FRRR, it was pretty visionary, it was bold. Community partnerships and corporate partnerships were quite new. And to think about that 20 years ago that it started out as just an idea with a vision and with a heartfelt aspiration for doing something really meaningful.

And to think that has lasted 20 years and that it has moved with the times, continued to be relevant, continued to have leadership engagement, and continued to have really strong uptake in communities.

Shelley Bowen: We 100% rely on grants. So, if you work with communities and have ideas, then the next major step, once you've planned through that project, is seeking funding. These grants are important for many reasons. They actually give you the resources you need to get going.

Stacey Irving: We've received three ANZ Seeds of Renewal grants over the last few years and what it's enabled us to do is support Indigenous led conservation on country and we're really able to take projects that matter to traditional owners. With ANZ Seeds of Renewal, we've been able to connect to that funding with conservation efforts on the ground that are led and owned by rangers.

A big thank you from Karrkad Kanjdji Trust and also the rangers in Arnhem Land who you are supporting. It's really fantastic to have sort of that ongoing engagement and commitment.



Nuffield Scholarship

A life-changing scholarship to travel overseas and study an agricultural topic of choice.

ANZ supports a Nuffield scholarship. Nuffield Australia is an organisation that provides opportunities to young Australians to travel the globe investigating a research topic important to them and Australian agriculture.

Who can apply?

The Scholarships are open to those who are:

  • Between 28-45 years of age (Please note that exceptional candidates outside this age range will be considered)
  • Australian residents
  • Engaged in farming or fishing as an owner or manager or an active member of a farming business
  • Intending to remain involved in primary production in Australia

How do I apply?

To apply for a scholarship, visit the Nuffield scholarship website to access the guidelines and application form.

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ANZ Business Growth Program

A unique initiative that helps small and medium companies unlock their growth potential by identifying new opportunities and tackling existing challenges.

Take part in a globally recognised program that helps Australian businesses develop the skills needed to establish an organization that can sustain growth.

The ANZ Business Growth Program is a nine-month intensive program that helps CEOs unlock their growth potential by giving them a framework to sustainably scale their business and the knowledge, skills and tools to evolve their role to sustain growth.

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Financial education

Increasing the financial inclusion and capability of people across our region to promote the progression of individuals and development of communities through our financial literacy programs.

We are committed to using our resources and expertise to build the financial skills, knowledge and confidence of the communities in which we operate, particularly among the most vulnerable. 

We develop financial education programs in consultation with community organisations and government. Our financial literacy programs aim to provide real social benefits to the community by increasing the financial inclusion and capability of people across our region and to promote the progression of individuals and development of communities.


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