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The benefits of Vehicle and Equipment Finance

ANZ Financially Ready

2024-03-28 05:30

Key points

  • What is Vehicle and Equipment Finance?
  • How can Vehicle and Equipment Finance help your business?
  • How is ANZ’s Vehicle and Equipment Finance different from the other banks?
  • Applying for Vehicle and Equipment Finance.

When running your own business, having the right equipment is crucial. There may come a time when you need to update your assets to help ensure your business remains efficient and profitable.

Typically, many business owners rely on their own cash to upgrade these important assets, like company cars, equipment for medical and dental practices, and earthmoving machinery for agriculture. Combined with overheads like wages and rent, these costs can put a huge dent in your cash capital.

That’s where financing your purchases can help reduce the impact on your cash flow. With the benefits of ANZ’s Vehicle and Equipment Finance we can help your business.

What is Vehicle and Equipment Finance?

Vehicle and Equipment Finance is a way for customers to buy or lease the assets they need for the day-to-day operations of their business, allowing the cost to be spread out over time.

This form of finance can be a good way to secure funding, because the vehicle or equipment itself acts as collateral for the loan and approved customers may not need a deposit. This means you can preserve your business’ working capital, giving you the peace of mind that you can cover any unexpected expenses.

How can Vehicle and Equipment Finance benefit your business? 

As your business grows and adapts, Vehicle and Equipment Finance can be used to acquire or upgrade the assets that allow you to meet the needs of your customers, without the substantial upfront cost.

“Vehicle and Equipment Finance helped one of my customers, an apparel printing and design studio in Sydney, grow their business by purchasing a high-end printing machine with the ability to print 400 shirts per hour. This new purchase meant they could expand their servicing offering quickly and speed up their production while continuing to offer a quality product.”

Nicole Xue, ANZ Business Banker

How is ANZ’s Vehicle and Equipment Finance different from the other banks?

ANZ’s Vehicle and Equipment Finance allows access to funding for vehicles and equipment with flexible repayment options and competitive pricing plans to help you budget more accurately. For example, customers working in agriculture can make repayments seasonally to align with harvest timing, or a business can tailor repayments to best suit their accounting cycle.

We’ve also joined forces with the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) to help our customers save a further 0.50% off the standard asset finance rate when they finance eligible energy-efficient assets.disclaimer Encouraging investment in renewables is a key part of our 2025 sustainability goals.

LRT/VCT Transport needed finance to help switch to a more energy-efficient onsite refrigeration system. With ANZ’s help, they were able to install a rooftop solar system, which brought down their power bills and drastically reduced their carbon emissions.”

Paul Connor, ANZ Agribusiness Manager

If you’re looking to replace or upgrade a financed or recently paid outdisclaimer asset, ANZ’s Rapid Replacement process could simplify the process for you.

Eligible customersdisclaimer can finance an upgrade to an existing asset with minimal paperwork. For more information including eligibility criteria, check out the Rapid Replacement process.

How can you apply?  

To get the ball rolling and start reaping the benefits of ANZ’s Vehicle and Equipment Finance, please chat to your accountant or tax advisor to find out whether ANZ’s Vehicle and Equipment Finance is right for your business.

Then, talk to an ANZ Banker for more information on how to apply for Vehicle and Equipment Finance!

Next steps

Request a call back or chat with one of our local business bankers about ANZ’s Vehicle and Equipment Finance today!

The benefits of Vehicle and Equipment Finance
Business specialist
ANZ Financially Ready

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An ANZ business specialist will work with you to confirm the eligibility of the asset.


Up to 90 days from payout


To be eligible:

  • The proposed monthly repayments on your new contract must be equal to, or lower than, the contract for the asset being replaced
  • You must not have opened a new commercial lending facility in the last 90 days
  • You must meet the minimum monthly repayment criteria
  • You must satisfy a credit check.

For an unsecured loan you won’t need to provide an asset as security, although a personal guarantee may be required in cases of directors.