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Family violence support

At ANZ, we'll support you if you're impacted by family violence or financial abuse. Call 000 if you are in immediate danger.

Staying safe online

Erase your browsing history on your device if you're concerned someone may track your internet usage. And use private browsing mode to keep your information confidential. 

Find out more about staying safe online.

What is family violence? 

Family violence is when one person uses power and control over another person and it can take many forms. It includes any behaviour that is threatening or controlling that can cause you to fear for your own safety. 

Sometimes it includes physical abuse. Sometimes the person uses other ways of maintaining power and control. 

Who does it affect? 

Family violence can happen to anyone regardless of age, culture, sexuality or religion. It can occur between current or former partners, carers, parents and children as well as between relatives and any cultural kinship connection or family-like relationship. 

Financial abuse

Financial abuse is a form of family violence that can be overlooked because of other more visible forms of abuse taking place. It includes actions that may limit your access to money. 

Warning signs include: 

  • Forcing you into debt by taking out loans or a credit card in your name
  • Taking or using your money without permission
  • Not being allowed to work or study
  • Being forced to explain how you spend money 
  • Controlling how much access you have to your money 
  • Withholding financial information from you
  • Making you work
  • Forcing you to make claims for Centrelink payments

Find out how to recognise financial abuse and what you can do about it in this guide (PDF).

Are you struggling financially?

Our specialist financial difficulty team understand the impacts of family violence and financial abuse.

They can support you if you're struggling to make repayments on loans, credit cards and overdrafts or if you need to discuss possible financial abuse. 

Learn how to apply for assistance.

Appoint a support person

You can appoint someone to help you with your banking, such as: 

  • Friend or family member
  • Financial counsellor
  • Lawyer
  • Community worker 
  • Specialist family violence supporter

Complete and follow the instructions in this form (PDF) to appoint someone you trust.

We're here to help

If you are concerned about yourself or someone you know, we are here to help.

We know it's not easy to ask for assistance. But our bankers can help you manage your money safely. 

We'll do our best to keep your contact with us confidential. And we'll treat you with sensitivity, respect and compassion. 

When we connect, we'll ask about the safest ways and times to contact you. If you need extra support, we can refer you to external services that can assist you. 

Translator and interpreter logo

We can organise an interpreter if you need one, including an Auslan interpreter. We can also support calls using the National Relay Service

How we can help

We can review your banking arrangements and make changes to help you manage your money and support your safety. 


Financial information

Get account statements and other documents free of charge from us if you need to.

Change your address

Help you change your address if you have moved. Be aware that your address will be visible to joint account holders on statements. Please contact us if you need assistance.  

Protect your financial information

Keep your personal information safe when you bank with us.  Learn how to bank securely.

Suspicious transactions

Investigate payments or transactions which you are concerned may have been done by someone other than you or without your authorisation. You can report bank fraud to us and we'll investigate.

Data Sharing

Stop any data sharing under the Consumer Data Right (Open Banking).

PINS and passwords

Change your PINs and passwords, especially if you are concerned someone else knows or is using these without your permission.

Shared account access

Help you if you want to change your joint account to 'two to sign'.

Flexible banking

Give you more time to respond to requests for information if you are in financial difficulty.

Abusive payment messages 

Deal with inappropriate language, harassment or abuse in the free text messaging description fields of electronic transactions.

Get in touch

Please reach out if you need support because you're experiencing family violence or financial abuse.


General enquiries

General enquiries 13 13 14 

If you're overseas, +61 3 9683 9999

If you're deaf, hard of hearing and/or have a speech impairment, call 133 677 or visit the National Relay Service.


Financial hardship

Call ANZ Customer Connect on 1800 252 845

You can also apply for financial hardship online or at your nearest ANZ branch.


Family violence support services 

1800 RESPECT is a 24-hour hotline that provides help for any Australian who has experienced or is at risk of family violence and/or sexual assault. 

Call 1800 737 732 or visit