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When it comes to saving, teamwork makes the dream work

Financial Wellbeing Coach

2021-10-14 00:00

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  • Learn how to navigate finances with a significant other
  • 6 tips to share expenses and supercharge your savings
  • Ways to manage money as a couple, your way

So you’ve met your match. The love of your life, the apple of your eye... and potentially the holder of joint bank account details.

One great thing about navigating financial wellbeing with a significant other is that you’re not going it alone. With a partner by your side, you may or may not have double the income, but you’ll definitely have double the skills, resilience and capacity to superpower your savings – just by working on it together. 

Whether you’ve just started sharing your expenses, or already old hats at romantic remuneration, here are some great tips that couples use to manage their money together:

1. Define your shared goals. 

It’s a whole lot easier to create a realistic budget if you’re aligned on what your financial aspirations are. You might have completely different needs, but it helps to know what each other’s goals are so you can stroll off into the same sunset. 

2. Shack up and save (if you’re ready).

Moving in together is a big decision, but if it’s been on the cards for a while, consider how it could help you move closer to your financial aspirations. It doesn’t mean you share everything (desserts should still be clearly labelled), but you might be able to ease the load a little. 

3. Do it your own way.

In some relationships, one person might handle the bulk of the money stuff, while others might choose to combine absolutely everything. Others only combine specific things like household expenses but have their own spending accounts. When it comes to love, it’s whatever works for you both.

4. Kick a common goal.

We’ve already said that you should discover your own couple banking style, but shared saving goals give you something to shoot for as a team. A house, a holiday, a new toaster. See it, save for it and do it all together. Small savings (like a shared coin jar) can give big wins.

5. Face storms together. 

Everyone has their own way of saving, but contributing to a shared rainy day fund can give you both someone to lean on when the unexpected happens. A little financial resilience can go a long way, and all it takes is a dedicated account and a little added each month. 

6. Don’t just share expenses, share adventures.

All the complexities that money brings can feel a lot more manageable if you get to celebrate the wins together. You don’t have to go all out every time, but remembering to create new memories together with a dinner you didn’t have to cook, or a little staycation, can make it all worth it.


When it comes to saving, teamwork makes the dream work
Financial Wellbeing Coach

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