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Credit card balance transfers

Do you feel like your non-ANZ credit card or store card debt is getting out of control? We can help with a balance transfer. A balance transfer can bring your debts together. And our great promotional balance transfer rates for new customers could help you reduce your debts sooner.disclaimer

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How to make a balance transfer from a non ANZ credit card to your existing credit card

Complete the Balance transfer application form (PDF 177kB).

For further information call 1800 007 511 (8am-8pm, Mon to Fri)

Details to have handy:

  • the other account issuers’ name
  • card type
  • account number
  • BPAY®
  • amount to be transferred.


ANZ balance transfer benefits

  • Transfer your card balances from non-ANZ credit or store cards onto one card - combine and bring together your outstanding balances into one regular repayment
  • You could save on fees, if you’ve been paying fees across a few different credit and store cards
  • We’ll make things easier by helping you sort out the transfers.


Promotional balance transfer interest rates for new customers

You can transfer your non-ANZ credit card or store card debt onto any ANZ personal credit card account (subject to approval) but some of our cards have promotional balance transfer ratesdisclaimer to help you save more.

Look at the credit cards below with promotional balance transfer interest rates:

Low Rate

Balance Transfer Fees

You may need to pay a one-off Balance Transfer Fee when you take up a promotional balance transfer offer.disclaimer


How is a Balance Transfer Fee calculated?

The Balance Transfer Fee will be calculated as a percentage of the balance being transferred to your ANZ credit card account.disclaimer When this fee applies, it’ll be identified in the terms and conditions relating to the promotional balance transfer offer.


Balance transfers and interest free periods

If you have a credit card that offers interest free periods on purchases, these interest free days only apply if you’ve paid off your closing balance (or if applicable, your ‘Adjusted Closing Balance’) in full by the due date. Your Adjusted Closing Balance is calculated as your closing balance less the sum of any relevant Promotional Plan balances that relate to an Instalment Plan, a Buy Now Pay Later plan, or a Promotional Balance Transfer Plan. If you haven’t paid off your closing balance (or if applicable, your ‘Adjusted Closing Balance’) in full by the due date you’ll be charged interest on purchases.disclaimer


Things you should know

We’re able to accept balance transfers of $100 or more from certain non-ANZ accounts (for example, a credit, charge or store card account). However, we’re unable to accept a balance transfer:

  • from other ANZ accounts
  • from credit cards issued outside Australia
  • if the balance on your ANZ card has reached or exceeded 95% of the available credit limit balance
  • if you are in default on any existing ANZ credit card account
  • if the other account named in your application is in default at the time the application is received.

Please note: If processing your balance transfer means you exceed 95% of your credit limit, we won’t be able to process the full amount (we may however be able to process part of the balance).


Got a question about balance transfers?

If you’d like to know more or would like help organising a balance transfer - call us on 1800 007 511.

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Applications for credit are subject to ANZ’s credit approval criteria. Terms and conditions, and fees and charges apply. Australian credit licence number 234527.

ANZ will not be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever resulting from a delay in the process of receiving, approving or processing a balance transfer application.


Promotional balance transfer offers must be requested at the time of applying for the credit card. 


The Balance Transfer Fee (which is a Specific Fee on the credit card account) will be calculated as a percentage of the balance being transferred to your ANZ credit card account. The Balance Transfer Fee will be applied at the time the balance is transferred and forms part of the Promotional Plan balance. 


Payments to your account are applied in the order set out in the ANZ Credit Card Conditions Of Use (PDF 372kB).