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Using a promotional balance transfer to pay off credit card debt

If you’re serious about paying off your personal credit card debt when you take up a promotional balance transfer offer, then you may want to press pause on all credit card spending.

Are you thinking about moving a credit card balance to a new card with a lower promotional interest rate? To make the most of a balance transfer offer like this, you may want to pay off or reduce the balance you transfer within the promotional period – while always being mindful of your other financial commitmentsdisclaimer.

To help you achieve this, there are a few things to keep in mind if you don’t want to end up in more debt than before. Here, we focus on some spending strategies – you can get more tips for managing a balance transfer here.

Consider cancelling your old cards

You could consider cancelling your old credit card (or cards if you have more than one) if you’re transferring a balance over to a new credit card. By doing so, you remove the temptation to use those old cards which might help you to avoid amassing new debt (on those cards, of course). It may also mean that you no longer have to pay fees or charges on those cards, depending on the terms and conditions that apply, which might free up some money to help you save or pay towards the transferred balance.

Re-assess your needs once you’ve paid it off

Once you’ve paid down a balance transfer, it could be a good time to reassess your needs. Is the credit card you transferred your balance to still the right card for you?

Again, check the interest rates, fees and other terms that apply. Some credit cards have a great promotional balance transfer interest rate but revert to a higher interest rate after the promotional period ends. It may be worthwhile shopping around to find a credit card that suits you. You might also want to consider whether ANY credit card is right for you.

And if you do make the decision to start spending on a credit card after you’ve paid off a balance transfer, consider working out a budget to help keep you on track.


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The information is current as at May 2020 and may be subject to change. ANZ recommends you review your personal credit card contract and any relevant offer terms and conditions for information that applies to you.

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