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ANZ Business Loans

Get the flexibility you need with a business loan that can be tailored to meet your lending needs. 

  • Choose either a secured or unsecured loan, with fixed or variable interest rates
  • Choose the frequency of your repayments to suit your business
  • Choose your repayment type, principal and interest, interest only or both
  • Where eligible, flexible loan term of up to 30 yearsdisclaimer

Connect with a business banking specialist

ANZ Business loan can help with your long term needs, supporting the growth of your business. 

Talk to us to find out which loan features are available in your circumstances.


Minimum loan amount

1-30 yearsdisclaimer

Loan term

Secureddisclaimer or unsecured

Security options

Choose a business loan that works for you

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ANZ Business Loan

Interest rate


  • Flexibility to make extra repayments and pay off your loan faster
  • You may benefit from lower interest costs if rates decrease. If rates increase, this may mean paying more interest over the life of the loan
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ANZ Business Loan

Interest rate


  • Lock in your interest rate for up to 10 yearsdisclaimer
  • The certainty of fixed repayments. If interest rates decrease during the fixed rate period, you will miss out


New card offer

Easily apply online for an unsecured variable rate business loan

Variable interest rate


  • Borrow between $10,000 and $500,000
  • Save up to $750 p.a. on upfront and admin fees
  • No need to use assets as security disclaimer
  • Funds in your account in two business days*

Use your accounting software to apply online and get conditional approval in 20 minutes. Eligibility and credit criteria apply.

Explore unsecured loans

*Once approved, you'll need to sign and return your documents. Once we receive these, your funds will be in your business account within two business days.

Repayment options

Principal and interest repayments

  • Reduce your debt by paying down your principal balance (as well as interest as it accrues) from your first repayment.
  • You could pay less interest over the life of the loan (compared with interest only) as your principal balance will be reduced by each repayment.


Interest only repayments

  • Where eligible, reduce initial repayment requirements by paying interest only for a period of up to 10 years.
  • By paying interest only, you're not reducing the principal balance which interest continues to be calculated on during this period. This may mean paying more interest over the life of the loan.
  • Your minimum repayments will be lower during the interest only period as you're not repaying the principal balance.




Choice of unsecureddisclaimer or secured

Loans can be secured by various forms of security including residential, commercial or rural property, business assets or a combination of these, acceptable to ANZ.disclaimer


Flexible extended loan terms

ANZ can provide eligible customers a maximum loan term of up to 30 years with an ANZ Business Loan of less than $3 million when secured by suitable residential or commercial property.disclaimer

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Up to 10 years interest only

Where total lending of the borrowing group is less than $3 million and the loan term is 20 years or more, customers may also be eligible for an interest only repayment term of up to 10 years.

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Rapid refinance process

Our rapid refinance process is available for business lending less than $1.5m. Eligible customers with a good payment history disclaimer just need two documents to apply which could mean your loan is approved within days.

Eligibility Terms and Conditions apply. disclaimer


Who can apply for an ANZ Business Loan?


To be eligible for ANZ business loan, you will need:

  • to be 18 years of age or older
  • to be a sole trader, or a director, and the key financial decision maker for your business
  • to use the loan for business purposes

Not eligible?

Even though you might not be eligible for an ANZ Loan, there may be other lending options for you.

For more information, speak to a business banking specialist on 1800 351 663.


Ways to apply

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Submit your details

Send us your information and a business banking specialist will get back to you as soon as possible.

Get started online

Call us

Want to discuss new or existing ANZ business banking or need help with general enquiries? 

Mon-Fri 8am to 6pm (AEST)

1800 351 663


What are my other lending options?


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Applying online for a business loan or overdraft is easy.  Get conditional approval in just 20 minutes, where eligible.disclaimer

Business loan amount:

$10k – $500,000

Overdraft limit:

$2k – $300,000

Term length:

Business Loan:  Up to seven years with a variable rate, or up to three years with a fixed rate.

Overdraft:  No minimum or maximum term 



Explore ANZ GoBiz


ANZ Business Overdraft

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An ANZ Business Overdraft allows you to access additional funds up to an approved limit whenever you need it.

Overdraft limit:

Minimum $2,000

Term length:*

No minimum or maximum term


Secured or unsecureddisclaimer

ANZ Business Overdraft

*Term lengths are subject to the relevant product terms and conditions, eligibility and credit criteria, and will vary according to the security provided (including financed assets).

Vehicle and Equipment

Illustration truck, printer and coffee machine

ANZ Vehicle and Equipment Finance is tailored to suit the needs and cash flow of your business.

Loan amount:

Minimum $7,500

Term length:*

1 – 5 yearsdisclaimer



Vehicle and Equipment

*Term lengths are subject to the relevant product terms and conditions, eligibility and credit criteria, and will vary according to the security provided (including financed assets).

Interest rates and fees are current as at and are subject to change without notice. The interest rate on Variable Rate Loans is subject to change throughout the term of the Loan.

Any advice does not take into account your personal needs, financial circumstances or objectives and you should consider whether it is appropriate for you.

ANZ recommends you read the applicable Terms and Conditions (available on application) before acquiring the product.

Products are available to approved applicants for business purposes only. All applications for credit are subject to ANZ's normal credit approval criteria. Terms and conditionsFees and charges and eligibility criteria apply.

We recommend you obtain independent advice from a financial planner and registered tax agent if you are considering whether these products are right for you.

The term of the loan will be subject to relevant product terms and conditions, eligibility and credit criteria, and will vary according to the loan amount and security provided.  Eligibility criteria for an ANZ Business Loan with a 30-year loan term includes:

  • total credit facilities with ANZ, including new loan funds as part of the application and any credit facilities held by related entities, must be less than $3 million;
  • loan purpose acceptable to ANZ; and
  • provision of security acceptable to ANZ, meeting ANZ’s security requirements including minimum security coverage and suitable security location.

For an unsecured loan you won’t need to provide an asset as security, although a personal guarantee may be required in cases of directors.


Fixed interest rate terms of up to 10 years are only available when paying interest in arrears and fixed interest rate terms of up to 5 years are available when paying interest in advance.


The loan needs to be secured by first class security meeting ANZ security requirements, including minimum security coverage and suitable security location.


You need to provide 12 months of statements which show current minimum repayment amount and no late repayments on your existing business lending facility. If the bank statements do not set out the minimum repayment amount, this information will need to be provided separately (e.g. copy of letter of offer or notice, or screenshot of account details, showing the amount).


Terms and conditions, eligibility and credit criteria apply for ANZ’s rapid refinance process, including:

  • Your total business borrowings with ANZ are less than $1.5 million including the funding under the refinance application
  • Your proposed repayments on the refinanced loan are equal to, or less than, your current repayments
  • You are refinancing your existing OFI (other financial institution) business lending facility only or existing ANZ business lending facility such as ANZ Business Loan, Asset Finance balloon or Asset Finance mid contract
  • Your existing business lending facility has been established for a minimum of 12 months
  • You satisfy a credit check
  • As long as the remaining term and the age of the asset being refinanced meet ANZ's credit requirements.

Applicants for ANZ GoBiz need to meet eligibility and credit criteria. Once approved, you'll need to sign and return your documents. Once we receive these, your funds will be in your business account within 2 business days.


The eligibility criteria for Vehicle and Equipment Finance on a term of up to 5-years includes purchase of an asset acceptable to ANZ, meeting ANZ’s security requirements including suitable age, type and intended use of the asset.