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Adding a biller to your BPAY® biller list means that you can easily pay your bills without having to fill in the biller's details each time. You can also edit their details or delete the biller from your list at any stage.

How do I add a BPAY biller to my list?

Step 1 - Navigate to "Add biller"

  • Go to either the "Settings" menu or the “Payments” menu.
  • Select "Manage billers".
  • Select "Add a new biller".

Step 2 - Enter the biller details

You'll need to enter the following:

  • Biller name and/or Biller Code: You can enter either the Biller name or the Biller Code, as once a valid selection is made for one, the other will be automatically populated with the corresponding value. You can find the Biller Code and Biller name on the payment section of your bill. Why do some biller names show an asterisk or star?
  • Reference: This reference number is a unique customer number assigned to you or your bill by your BPAY biller. It can be found in the payment section of your bill where the Biller Code is displayed. It is important to ensure you enter the correct reference number or your payments may be unsuccessful or paid to the incorrect account.
  • Biller nickname: Create a biller nickname that will help you easily identify the biller for future payments.
  • Select "Save details" to add the biller to your list. This will mean you can select the biller for future BPAY bill payments. 

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Frequently asked questions

Use our frequently asked questions to find out more about adding a biller to your BPAY® biller list.

You need the Biller Code and/or Biller name, and reference number.

If you have a copy of your bill, you can check the payment section for these details.

When using the Add BPAY biller function, you always need to save the biller or you’ll lose the details. However, if adding a BPAY biller during a BPAY bill payment, you’re able to proceed without saving the biller.

The Biller Code is displayed in the payment section of your bill. If you can’t locate this, don’t worry as ANZ Internet Banking can look up the Biller Code for you.

  • Enter letters of the Biller name and you’ll see matching billers as you type
  • When you select the desired Biller name from the list, the corresponding Biller Code will be displayed automatically.

Some billers require a different reference number for each bill. The asterisk identifies these billers, so you remember to provide a new reference each time you pay a BPAY bill.

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