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Paying bills using the "View online bills" feature is quick and easy as most of the information is already filled in for you.

How do I pay a BPAY bill?

To pay a bill from your online bills list:

  • Go to the "Payments" menu.
  • Select "View online bills" and follow the steps below.

On the "View online bills" page a list of your current bills will display.

Step 1 - Open your view bill summary

  • Select the bill you want to pay, using the radio buttons under the "Select" column.
  • Click on the "View bill summary" link located under your list of bills.
  • Your bill summary will display, showing your account and bill details along with your reference number.

Step 2 - Select "Pay this bill"

  • This link is located under your bill summary.
  • You will be directed to the "Pay BPAY® bills" screen and your payment details will be pre-populated.

Step 3 - Complete the BPAY® bill payment as usual

You can complete your bill payment by following the Pay BPAY® bills steps

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For further assistance please call the ANZ Internet Banking team on 13 33 50 (International callers: +61 3 9683 8833) 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Frequently asked questions

Use our frequently asked questions to find out more about paying online bills.

You will get the bill summary in ANZ Internet Banking. To view a detailed bill follow the steps below:

Click on the "View detailed bill" link

This will take you to an external page provided by your biller, which will have a full version of the bill including itemisations and credits, etc.

Yes. You can save a copy of the detailed bill in PDF format once you have access to the detailed bill.

Once you have viewed the bill, you can make an immediate payment or set up a future dated payment to pay that bill.

Click on the "Pay this bill" link under your bill summary.

This will take you to the "Pay BPAY® bills" page with pre-populated details of your bill to proceed with the payment.

BPAY® has a single transaction limit of $50,000 and a daily limit of $75,000 per CRN for ANZ Internet Banking. A daily limit of $150,000 applies for ANZ Internet Banking for Business customers.

  • Individual billers may have varying authorised payment limits.

Bill payments from your ANZ Credit Card can be processed as either a purchase or cash advance. This is dependent upon how the biller is set up with the BPAY® billing service.

  • The biller has the option of accepting a credit card as a method of payment. If the biller chooses to accept, the bill payment is processed as a purchase
  • If the biller does not accept credit card payments, ANZ may allow you to make the payment from your ANZ Credit Card (if sufficient funds are available)
  • If you choose to proceed with the credit card payment, it will be processed as a cash advance and interest will accrue accordingly.

There is no charge to pay bills online. However, if you use all of your monthly free withdrawals for your account, normal excess transaction fees and government charges will apply.

  • Payments initiated via BPAY® from an ANZ Credit Card may be considered a cash advance, hence may incur interest.

The "Past Payments/Transfers" section under the "Pay and Transfer" menu allows you to view your past ANZ Internet Banking payments and transfers. You may search transactions by:

  • the account from which the payment or transfer was made (including closed accounts or accounts that have been delinked from your CRN)
  • date range
  • transfer or payment type.

You can view details of your payments and transfers for the last 120 days via ANZ Internet Banking.

  • For transactions prior to the last 120 days please refer to your paper statements or online statements
  • You may also contact the ANZ Customer Service team on 13 13 14 (International callers: 

    +61 3 9683 9999) 24 hours a day, seven days a week to order a copy of your statement.

Find out more about past payments/transfers:

  • Second and final notices for bills will not be shown differently than normal bills. It is your responsibility to keep track of your payments
  • If, for any reason, you are unable to access ANZ Internet Banking, it is your responsibility to organise alternative billing methods with your BPAY View™ billers
  • All BPAY® payments requested after 6.00pm (AEST) or on weekends or a public holiday for same day transfers are processed on the following bank business day.