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Your employee list comprises of the payroll recipients you have saved to your ANZ Internet Banking. When making payroll payments you can select previously saved recipients from your employee list and avoid filling in their details each time.

  • Once you have saved an employee you can edit their details or delete them at any time.

How do I manage my payroll employee list?

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Frequently asked questions

Use our FAQs to find out more about your payroll employee list.

If you want to save your employee's details in the payroll employee list you will need the following information:

  • Reference/salary number: this can be a maximum of 20 characters long and is used for easy identification when making payments. If you do not use a reference or salary number you can enter the employee's name.
  • Account details: including the BSB number (six digit number) and an account number.
  • Employee name: the account name of the employee's account to be credited.

If you choose to save the employee, their details will be stored in your payroll employee list. 

  • This means that they will appear in the "To" drop down list in future so if you need to transfer money to their account again you can simply select them from the list and their details will be filled automatically.

If the employee's bank details change in future, you can easily Edit a payroll employee via the "Settings" menu.

  • You can update the BSB number (financial institution number), account number, employee name, employee salary/reference number.
  • Once you edit the employee's details it will be updated immediately within the same ANZ Internet Banking session.

Yes. You can delete the payee from the payroll employee list any time.

  • Go to the "Settings" menu.
  • Select "My Payroll Employee list".
  • Select the “Delete” button next to the employee you wish to delete.
  • An alert modal will pop up asking if you are sure you want to delete this employee. 
  • Select “Delete employee” to proceed.

Please note that you cannot delete an employee if there is a future or recurring payment scheduled for that person.

  • You must first cancel the pending future or recurring payments.

If you wish to delete a future dated or recurring payment, the request must be lodged with ANZ Internet Banking prior to 11.59pm Melbourne time on the day prior to the payment date.

No. The employee need not have an ANZ account.

  • The payroll payments function within ANZ Internet Banking will allow you to transfer funds from your ANZ account to an account with any Australian financial institution (bank, building society, credit union, etc).
  • All you need is the BSB numberaccount number and employee name of the employee.