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Transaction queries or disputes

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Prior to November 2018, ANZ's Contact Centre may have incorrectly informed some customers that they could not dispute a fraudulent or unauthorised transactiondisclaimer because the transaction was too old. If you think this may have affected you, please read below for more information.

Before you dispute a transactiondisclaimer

It's important to query a transaction yourself before you contact us about a disputedisclaimer


Compare your receipts and statement

If you don’t recognise the name of the merchant but the amount charged looks familiar, it may help to look at your receipts and see if the amount charged matches a recent purchase or transaction. You can also find more information about transactions by checking your ANZ Internet Banking transaction history - you can view the type of merchant by clicking on the arrow in the “transaction details” column. 

Some companies use a different trading name or location to what your statement shows.


The dates are different

There can be a delay (possibly up to seven days) between your actual purchase date and when it’s charged to your account.


The amount charged shows up differently

This could happen if a purchase is made overseas, or from a merchant that’s located overseas, as the amount may change based on the currency exchange rate for that day. The amount may also differ because of surcharges (e.g. public holiday surcharges) or transaction fees. 


You don’t remember a transaction

Check if an additional cardholder has made the purchase. If you have a diary, you might also like to check it for any prompts to help you discover what the transaction could be. 


Contact the merchant directly

The merchant may be able to resolve issues like:

  • defective or unsatisfactory products
  • refunds received from the merchant which have not been processed to your account
  • purchases charged more than once
  • differences in amounts on your receipt and statement
  • goods or services that you haven’t received, or
  • you cancelled a regular payment but were still charged.


Claims for unauthorised transactions

We've been reviewing our decisions about refunds for disputed unauthorised transactionsdisclaimer to make sure we got it right. Where we've found we make a mistake, we've contacted the customer and refunded the transaction where appropriate. So, if you've previously lodged a transaction disputedisclaimer with us, there's no need to get in touch.

However, it's come to our attention that ANZ may have also incorrectly told some customers who contacted us before November 2018  that they couldn't lodge a dispute for an unauthorised transactiondisclaimer because the transaction was too old. While strict time limits apply to when we can help you with some types of transaction disputesdisclaimer, like if you haven't received goods or services you've paid for, that's not always the case.

If there's an unauthorised transaction on your account you may be entitled to a refund, even if the transaction is several years old. This may include situations where:

  • The transaction was not authorised by you, and it's clear you did not contribute to the loss (for example, by sharing your PIN or passwords)
  • A merchant has charged you more than once for the same transaction.

The rules around when you're entitled to a refund from ANZ for an unauthorised transaction are set out in the ePayments Code. You can find out more about the ePayments Code on the ASIC website.

If you think ANZ may have provided you with incorrect information about your ability to lodge a disputedisclaimer for a fraudulent or unauthorised transaction, we apologise for our error. If you didn't lodge a disputedisclaimer as a result, we invite you to contact 13 22 73 to discuss your transaction/s.

How to dispute a transactiondisclaimer on your ANZ credit card

Contact us as soon as you can

Here's what you need to do:

Option 1: Within ANZ Internet Banking, choose 'Lodge a transaction disputedisclaimer' in your credit card Account Overview and follow the steps.

Option 2: Download and complete the Customer Transaction Dispute Form (PDF 277kB) it lists the information and documents you'll need to provide.disclaimer

Option 3: Did you know you can dispute a transactiondisclaimer in ANZ Internet Banking or by using the ANZ App? You can also send us a form or contact us. We’ll show you how.

Visa, MasterCard and American Express have their own procedures and timeframes for resolving disputesdisclaimer, and we’ll need to follow their respective processes.

To further understand the investigation process for resolving a transaction query, please refer to the View or dispute transactions and ANZ Credit Cards Conditions of Use (PDF 468kB) for more information.

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Time limits apply, so it’s important you contact us as soon as you can.


It is important that you complete and return your signed Customer Transaction Dispute Form (PDF 277kB) together with any supporting documents as soon as possible so that ANZ can commence investigation on your behalf. Without a signed dispute form, ANZ may not be able to progress your query. If you raise your query with ANZ after 60 days from the transaction date, ANZ may not be able to assist as credit card schemes govern ANZ's time frames for action.