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Verified by Visa

If you have an ANZ Visa credit card, here’s an extra level of protection when you use it to shop online at participating merchants. Verified by Visa is a free service that lets you use a personal password when you make a purchase online, to protect your card against unauthorised use.

How to enrol for Verified by Visa

Just go shopping online at a participating Verified by Visa merchant. When you’re ready to pay, enter your ANZ Visa card details on the payment page. 

You’ll automatically be prompted to enrol for Verified by Visa, with the following details: 

  • Name as shown on your ANZ Visa card
  • CVV - Cardholder Verification Value (the last three digits on the back of the card) 
  • Card expiry date
  • Your date of birth

After entering your details and clicking the ‘Enrol now’ button, you’ll be asked to create a Personal Message and password.

Once you’ve enrolled, you’ll be prompted to enter your password whenever you shop online at a participating Verified by Visa merchant. 


If you forget your password

If you’ve forgotten your Verified by Visa password, just click on the ‘Forgot your password’ link that’s on the password entry screen. You’ll be asked to create a new Verified by Visa password and Personal Message.

Find out more about Verified by Visa.

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