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How Credit Cards Work

With credit cards come big responsibilities, which is why it’s important to understand how they work. ANZ Creducation is an online educational series that explores budgeting, credit card interest, managing credit card debt, making payments, balance transfers and more, starring Lola Berry, Adam Dovile, Poh Ling Yeow, Libby Trickett and Neale Whittaker.  

Budgeting and your spending habits

If you want to stay on top of your credit card payments, it might help to have a budget that’s healthy and healed. Learn a bit about keeping things balanced and start 'budgercising' with Lola Berry.

Is your credit card limit the right fit for your budget?

Right-sizing your credit limit to your budget could help you repay your credit card balance in full, every month. This could help you avoid paying interest on your credit card.

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What are your spending habits?

Just like fitness and food, there are good habits and bad habits when it comes to spending. To avoid credit card debt, it may help to evaluate where you stand.

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Where do you sit on the spend vs save spectrum?

A little knowledge can go a long way towards helping you take control of your budget and your credit card. These hacks could help you gain a new understanding of your spending habits.

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Tips for a weekly budget pulse check

Life can throw you some unexpected curve balls that may lead to unexpected credit card debt. A weekly budget pulse check could help manage credit card debt.

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Managing your credit card debt

Personal credit card debt is like a power tool - if you don't know how it works you could make an expensive mistake. Take a look at some of the nuts and bolts with Adam Dovile.

Make your credit card repayments work for you

Stressed about tackling what you owe on your credit card? The way you organise your repayments could help.

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Beware the cash advance

What counts as a cash advance on a personal credit card at ANZ and why might you want to avoid them?

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Things to know about gambling and credit cards

There are specific guidelines about when you can use your personal ANZ credit card for gambling transactions.

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Paying off your credit card

Setting up due date reminders or a direct debit could be helpful if you want to develop a regular rhythm of paying off a credit card. Get a little taste of how credit card payments work with Poh Ling Yeow.

Things to know about your credit card payment due date

It's important to remember the due date on your credit card statement. If you miss the due date, it could cost you in late payment fees or you could lose the benefit of an interest-free period.

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Getting to know your personal credit card statement

Even if you only use your credit card sporadically, you should check the statement of account carefully.

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The Closing Balance vs the Minimum Monthly Payment

Whether you decide to pay off the full closing balance, the minimum monthly payment or an amount in between - it's important to understand the difference and what they might mean for your bottom dollar.

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Avoiding late payment fees on your credit card

Your credit card statement will include a payment due date. This date is one to remember if you're keen to avoid late fees.

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Balance transfers

Brush up on balance transfers before you make a decision about a promotional balance transfer offer. Libby Trickett shares few tips that might help prevent a dive into balance transfers from turning into a belly-flop.

Balance transfer basics

Promotional balance transfer offers can vary – so it’s important to check the specific details (including terms and conditions) that apply to each offer. 

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Using a promotional balance transfer to pay off credit card debt

If you're serious about paying off your personal credit card debt when you take up a promotional balance transfer offer, then you may want to press pause on all credit card spending.

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Make sure a balance transfer works in your favour

A promotional balance transfer offer might sound tempting, but there are some things to look out for. Here are a few strategies you could consider if a promotional balance transfer offer is on the cards.

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Thinking about a promotional balance transfer offer?

While the promotional interest rate on some balance transfer offers may seem appealing, make sure you read the offer and card terms and conditions.

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Interest on your credit card

Understanding credit card interest is a bit like designing a home interior: if you don’t know what you’re doing then some of the choices you make could end up getting in your way. Here’s Neale Whitaker walking through some of the basics.

Reviewing how you use plan to use your personal credit card

Before you apply for a credit card, it’s a great idea to have a think about how you may be likely to use the card.

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Got an interest-free period on your credit card? Use it wisely

If you make use of the interest-free period on your credit card and pay your full closing balance by the due date on your statement each month, you could avoid paying interest on your purchases.

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The truth about the credit card minimum repayment

While you can choose to simply make the minimum repayment on your personal credit card each month, doing so can come at a cost.

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