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Dealing with a deceased estate

If you’ve recently lost a family member or friend, we want to make the process of settling their accounts with ANZ as easy as possible. 

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How to settle ANZ accounts when someone passes away

We're here to help. If you’ve recently lost a family member or friend, we understand that this is an emotional time. That’s why we want to make it as easy as possible for you to work with us as you go through the process of settling their accounts.

To help you get things in order, we’ve put together some information below and a brochure to help guide you through the process of settling any ANZ accounts that were held by the deceased person.

Steps for a deceased estate ANZ account closure

Step 1

Notify us that the customer has passed away

You can notify us:

  1. Online by visiting the Australian Death Notification Service. Following the notification using this service, ANZ will be provided with your details and will contact the notifier advising of next steps.
  2. By calling the ANZ Estates Team on 1800 237 170  between 8.00am and 5.30pm (AEST) Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays.
  3. Alternatively, you may choose to visit an ANZ branch.

Step 2

What we need from you

Once you receive the Death Certificate/Will, please provide us with a certified copy via mail to ANZ Estates, PO Box 585, Collins Street West, Victoria 8007, or by visiting an ANZ branch.

Step 3

We will be in touch

  1. Once we have received the certified documents, we will be in touch with the executor/administrator within 14 days.
  2. A letter will be sent containing information regarding any savings, transaction or lending accounts held by the deceased with ANZ. 

Please note: There may be times we require additional documentation in order to finalise an Estate, such as Probate or Letters of Administration. This is to ensure we are protecting all parties and releasing funds to the appointed executor(s) of the estate. We will include a detailed list of what we require in order to progress with settling the accounts.

Step 4

Send us the relevant documentation and complete ANZ's Customer Identification Process (CIP)

Once you have met the requirements by collecting and completing the documents, you will need to send them to us.

Please note: Any incomplete or missing documents can lead to delays. The executor/administrator/next-of-kin may be required to complete ANZ's Customer Identification Process (CIP) to satisfy Commonwealth law requirements.

Step 5

We will close the accounts and release funds

Once we have received all required documentation (providing no further documents are required) and have offset any debit balances from the savings and transactions accounts (in accordance with the accounts terms and conditions), we will release the funds in the name of the Estate within 14 days.

Please note: The quickest way to receive funds is via a direct transfer. Please allow additional time for transfers to non-ANZ accounts and cheque payments.


We are currently experiencing a high volume of estate requests. Please be assured our team is working hard to rectify any delays. We apologise for this and we appreciate your patience.

What to do about other ANZ-related assets and liabilities

If you believe the deceased held any other ANZ related assets/liabilities such as Investment Portfolio, OnePath, ANZ Superannuation or Life Insurance, you will need to contact those areas separately.

Alternatively, advise us of the account details held and we will contact these entities on behalf of the Estate. View ANZ contact information

Helping you get things in order (PDF); Releasing funds and closing accounts for loved ones that have passed.

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