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Take your next step with ANZ Business Planner

The ups and downs of business mean working out your next move isn’t always easy.

With ANZ Business Planner, you'll find practical tools, content and articles that can help you move your business forward, one step at a time.


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ANZ Business Planner

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What you get?

Practical tools and articles about:

  • Planning for your business
  • Forecasting and improving your business cash flow
  • Growing your business

Featured articles

Protecting your business against cybercrime

4-minute read

Technology has transformed how people do business today. It helps us work faster and more collaboratively, and it helps us work from anywhere. Yet this transformation is not without risk. In fact, the risk of cyberattack is growing.

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Simple tips to improve business cash flow

5-minute read

Forecasting and monitoring cash flow is vital in any small business. It helps you plan for the good times and bad. Yet it can be difficult when your business is rocked by major events like global pandemics or seasonal drop-offs in sales.

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The four Cs of credit: What are banks looking for?

4-minute read

The fours Cs of credit are a common set of principles that banks and lenders consider when assessing business loan applications.

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Planning for your business

Planning is an ongoing process, especially in uncertain times. At ANZ, we can help you outline the next steps for your business so you can continue to move forward.

Tools and articles

These practical tools and articles can help you with your business plans.

Developing a risk assessment management plan for your business 

3-minute read

It is important to consider all possible risks and scenarios that may exist both within your business and your external operating environment.

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Funding for your business

4-minute read

A lack of funds will limit your business’ performance. That’s why we’ve put together some approaches to help you decide how to source funding for your business.

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Forecasting your business cash flow

Being able to estimate and project cash coming in and out of your business is important for managing your business operations today and into the future.

Tools and articles

These tools and articles can help you forecast your business cash flow.

Use a balance sheet to keep a handle on your business’ finances

4-minute read

No matter what stage you’re at with your business, it’s important to consider your business’ balance sheet movements. By regularly forecasting your business’ balance sheet, you will have a clearer understanding of what you’re likely to own or owe by a certain date.

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How to forecast your business’ profit and loss

2-minute read

Different events can change your idea of how much money your business will make over the next year. Likewise, your view of the business expenses you will incur during the coming 12 months may have varied. Use our profit and loss template to help forecast for the year ahead.

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Improving your business cash flow

Running a business smoothly means managing cash flow effectively. Finding areas for improvement and being proactive with forecasting can help protect your business.

Tools and articles

These practical tools and articles can help you improve your business cash flow.

Shortening your business' cash cycle

3-minute read

Shortening your cash cycle will boost your cash reserves, keeping your business going and providing a buffer in times of financial uncertainty.

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Managing your business' overheads

2-minute read

In the current environment, you may have had to take short-term reactive measures to cut your business’s expenses and monitor any overheads closely.

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Growing your business

There are always opportunities for a business to develop and grow. At ANZ, we can help guide you through what's important and what to avoid when you're thinking about business development.

Tools and articles

These practical tools and articles can help you grow your business.

ANZ Business Growth Program

Take part in a globally recognised program that helps Australian businesses to develop the skills needed to establish an organisation that can sustain growth.

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Tapping into industry subsidies when setting up offshore

4-minute read

If you’re considering setting up offshore, it’s important to consider how you can leverage offshore resources to leverage industry subsidies and reduce your start-up costs.

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Using independent sales reps to grow your business

4-minute read

When looking to grow your business, hiring independent sales representatives may benefit your growth, as these employees often have access and connections to the businesses or types of customers you want to target.

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Questions about ANZ Business Planner? Here’s the nitty gritty

ANZ Business Planner is our new online survey that will ask some general questions about your business and take as little as 5 minutes to complete. Based on your responses we will point you towards some practical tools and articles that can help you move your business forward.

You can complete the ANZ Business Planner online survey in less than 5 minutes. It is quick and easy and asks some general questions about your business. Based on your responses we will suggest some practical tools, templates and articles to help you move your business forward.

Our new ANZ Business Planner includes a survey that asks some general questions about your business and gives you information, tools and content regarding business planning, cash flow forecasting, cash flow improvement and business development as well. Based on your responses to the survey, we will suggest:

  • practical tools and templates to work through the next step for your business
  • content and articles to help you move your business forward

No, ANZ Business Planner does not collect any of your personal information or business details.

ANZ Business Planner can help you to take stock of your business and identify areas of focus. Based on your survey responses, we will point you towards tools, content and articles that may assist you with:

  • business planning – business plan templates, checklists and scenario planning tools may help you prepare for what’s next
  • cash flow – practical tools and articles that can help you identify ways to improve and forecast your cash flow
  • business development – tools and articles to get you thinking about potential opportunities for business growth and development

Based on your responses to this online survey, we will take you to our new ANZ Business Hub where you will find:

  • practical tools and templates to work through the next step for your business
  • suggested content and articles to help you move your business forward

No, not at all. ANZ Business Planner is a free resource that can be used by anyone.

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