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You can easily view the details of your loan account online. The loan details page summarises balances, interest rates, repayments, term dates, statements and mortgage offsets, where applicable.

How do I view my loan account details?

To view the details of your loan account:

Go to the Home page, which is the first page you see when you log on to ANZ Internet Banking.

Select your loan account.

Then click on the "Details" tab from the account overview page.

Please note that the account details you'll see will be specific to your account type. We've listed some of the account details below but there may be more or less details displayed, depending on the type of loan account you have.

Loan summary

This displays your full account name and the account number for the loan you have selected to view. The other details in this section include:

Product type: displays the account type you have selected to view.

Current balance: displays the current balance of your loan. Please note that this balance does not include any accrued interest or fee charges and may not include any recent payments.

Applicable interest rate: displays the current annual percentage rate applicable to your loan.

Loan term details

This section shows the loan commencement date; the original loan term, and the maturity date of your loan account. The other details which may appear in this section include:

Interest only until: if an "interest only" payment arrangement is applicable, then the date for when this payment arrangement expires will be displayed. For loans subject to an interest only arrangement during a progress draw down period, the interest only payment arrangement will apply until the loan is fully drawn.

Interest rate indicator: indicates if your loan interest rate has either been fixed for a defined period or is subject to a variable interest rate.

Fixed rate expiry date: if your loan is currently subject to a fixed rate arrangement, then the expiry date of the arrangement is displayed.

Easy start discount expiry date: if your loan is currently an ANZ Easy Start loan and is subject to a discounted interest rate period, then the expiry date of this discounted interest rate will be displayed.

Please note that ANZ will write to you prior to the expiry of the discounted interest rate to advise the new interest rate applicable and any amendments required to your payment schedule.

Loan repayments

This displays the repayment details for your loan including:

Minimum payment amount: the minimum amount that must be paid to your loan account each payment date. If your loan is an interest only loan, "interest only" will be displayed.

Payment frequency: is the frequency at which the minimum payment must be received.

Next payment due: is the date at which the next scheduled payment is due to be made.

Loan statement details

This displays the:

  • date of the next account statement to be issued,
  • date of the last account statement issued,
  • the current statement cycle.

Mortgage offsets

Product eligible for a mortgage offset account? If your loan account is eligible for a mortgage offset arrangement, "Yes" will be displayed. Please note that restrictions apply to accounts subject to certain fixed rate periods. Refer to your loan terms and conditions for further information.

Mortgage offset account: if you have a mortgage offset account linked to your loan, the mortgage offset account number will be displayed in this field.

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For further assistance please call the ANZ Internet Banking team on 13 33 50 (International callers: +61 3 9683 8833) 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Frequently asked questions

Use our frequently asked questions to find out more about getting started with ANZ Internet Banking and ANZ Internet Banking for Business.

Funds in loan accounts are usually not available for withdrawal, unless the redraw feature is available for the loan. This section therefore always shows a "N/A".

To see if you have available funds in your account, you can go to the "Redraw loan" section.

This page shows the amount paid in advance, which is the available fund for redraw.

You can also check the amount paid in advance from the "Account details" page for your loan.

No. You cannot view the interest rate history on the "Loan account details" page.

You can only view the current annual percentage interest rate applicable to your loan.

For home loans and personal loans,

To check if you have any available funds to redraw in your loan, you need to look under "Amount paid in advance" in the "Loan term details" section.

The amount shown in this field is the available funds for redraw.

Alternatively, go to the "Redraw loan" section to check the available funds for redraw.

This page shows the amount paid in advance, which is the available fund for redraw.
For business loans,

Not all business loans have the Redraw feature available. To confirm whether redraw is available for your loan and if so, whether you have any available funds to redraw, please contact your Relationship Manager or call 1800 801 485, Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 8:00pm (AEST).

At the bottom right of the "Loan account details" page, click on the link for "Redraw amount paid in advance".

This takes you to the "Loan redraw" page.

You can then select a linked ANZ account and fill in the amount you want to redraw.

Find out more about redrawing your loan

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